H O L D  M E  D O W N…….
Nessa shrugged, “Whose laughing.”

Bling Carter lowered his gaze and sighed. In his entire reign he had never employed a woman to do a mans job, but his choices were limited. The loyal ones had dispersed and the flakes had abandoned ship. Everything around him was crumbling except the pretty thing standing before him. There was something about her eyes that bore into his soul like she had seen him before and it made him nervous.

Since Ashely had taken her under her wing a tiny seed of curiosity grew everytime he was in her presence. In a million years he would never intend to cheat on Ashley, only  Nessa was an intention he could not resist.
Pulling up his pants he sat back on the desk and folded his hands across his lap.

“You really trying to do this now!”

Nessa smirked before turning on her heels towards the door.

“Where you going?”

Nessa contained her laughter before retracting her steps.

“You know I don’t play games Bling. Let’s stop pretending.”

“Thats not the point, if Ashley finds out about this she will kill me!”

“What Ashely don’t know wont kill her, besides you know and I know I only work for the best” Nessa purred. “Weasle desrves it, he took out your bonafide and tried to kill you and for what?”

Blings body tensed and Nessa knew she hit a nerve. Everything she had done was leading up to this moment.

Dropping the stack of notes on the table Bling relented. Even in his doubt, Killer had vouched for her reliability and Ashley stood by her loyalty.

“When you do this you got to disappear, Weasles guys will be coming for everybody.”

Taking the pile with ease Nessa smiled.

“No problem Man.”

Slipping her concealed weapon from her sleeve she aimed and fired. Slumping forward Bling bled out onto the oak pine floor. Shaking her head Nessa wiped the tiny speckled of blood splatter off her face and grinned wickedly.

“There was a lesson here Bling too bad you didn’t stay in school.”

Tucking the notes carefully into her bag Nessa stepped out of the office and halted at the sight of the devil.

“I can explain.” She mumbled as the laser beam danced accurately across her forehead.

“You don’t think I would figure it out, huh, all them times man was fucking you the whole time you had your own plans.”

Swallowing the bile in her throat Nessa thought careful before she spoke.

“Saint, I speared you for a reason.”

Shaking his head Saint took a step closer.

“You didn’t so shit for me.” His hand shook as he yelled angrily. ” I’m the last man standing that puts a target on my back and you know it too.”

“I told you to come with me.” Nessa replied. “Your loyalty to Bling could have had to killed a long time ago but I choose to save you. We can make it together you dont need this.”

Nessa smiled at the memory of their time together and sighed. The vow to never reveal her identity was about to be broken and the love they had may be lost forever.

Saint tutted “Mans from the hood what the fuck can I do on a farm. This right here is my life and you wont steal it from me.” Steadying his hand he closed his eyes.


The whisper of her brothers name brought gasp from Saints lips as his eyes sprung open and his face drained of blood. Clutching the shaking gun Saint tried to block out the thunderous heart beat in his cranium. Sinner was dead. Ten years ago he had lost his best friend, a man he would never forget. The mere mention of his name made his blood run cold. Scowling he maintained focus on the target.

“What did you say.” He spat

Her voice barely a whisper Nessa uttered a mantra he had buried deep in his chest.

“The Sinner can only be saved by the Saint.”

Saint shook his head. “Who told you that?” He scolded.

Nessa curled her lips slightly as she saw her brother standing beside Saint as if he was still alive.

“You did when I was seven years old saying goodbye to by brother.”

Saints arm fell, his stomach content whirling wildly as he stared at the woman he knew internally. They had shared a bed, he had explored her in ways a man could only explore a woman.

“Your lying! Someone told you that story and your trying to confuse me!” Saint replied.

“Saint, I never lied to you not even when I said I love you!”

“Fuck love this is about survival and I’m a survivor.”

© W O R D B E R R Y


The success of dinner had eased the nagging sense of dread everytime he thought of Lilly , yet he still could not comprehend the fact that she had hiddwn his child from him for so long. Milly had been with child on their wedding day and event that would never had happened if Lilly had annouced her own. Even now he could remember his mothers disgust at his poor taste in women.
“Those people have no class Jasper, they inherited that property from The Rulers. They are of no blue blood. I will not condone this at all.” She said.
He could remember it like yesterday, the way Lilly had shrunk in size, tears falling from her face as she stood in the doorway while he said nothing.
That was the last time he laid eyes on her and last time he revealed in his wealth.
“Seriously Jasper.” Milly snapped, interupting his thoughts. ” You are so dostracted lately.”
Pulling her upon his lap he kissed her cheeks until she giggled. “Now thats more like it.” She sighed. “Jasper I was wondering if we should invite Jazz over to keep Milly company she is so lonely since the move here and school doesn’t start for another three weeks.” She tutted. ” Why she has to go to public school I have to idea.”
“We can’t just choose her friends for her and the idea of my children growing up pompous and self entitled is not pleasing. How will they know what is expected of them if its already done for them.”
Milly frowned. ” if i didn’t know better I think you were a poor man.”
Jasper laughed as she and rose from his lap. “Seriously Jasper, Jazz seems like a nice girl, we’re in the middle of nowhere for christsake.”
Jasper winced at her whining tone. “Ok Milly as you please but if it all goes sour you only have yourself to blame.”
Milly clapped gleefully rushing to tell her daughter the news. Looking out the huge bay window he could see the house in the distance, below he spotted a head of hair running across the field and his chest tightened. Life could have been so different. .
© W O R D B E R R Y





It had been weeks since he had seen Lily but tonight he might have to face the inevitable. Milly had decided that a social gathering of the neighbours was the best way to introduce themselves back into his old neighbourhood reguardless if he knew half the block, she did not.
The table had been set and the food laid out in a beautiful array of silver trays ranging in sizes. Milly had gone to great lenghts to impress the families of the nieghbouring houses and here he was suited and booted with a smile to greet his guest, yet inside he was tormented. After all these years the sight of Lilly had evoked childhood memories, ignited a flame that hadn’t died and he felt the burn deep in his chest. “Jasper.” Waving frantically Milly shook her head. ” I do apologise my husband is not usually away with the fairies. What did you say your name was again?”
“Frank Jones.” Jasper offered
Frank smile broadly a low rumbling laugh shaking his beer gut protuding before him before extending a hand. “One and only.”
“Welcome to my home.”
Bella guided Frank to his seat while the hosts remained in position. Looking over the head of the fifth guest he sighed deeply.
Grabbing her husbands hand Milly pulled him close. “Not to long now, first we christen this house with good company and the finest food then, we can christen the bedroom.” .
Nodding he smiled warmly before returning his gaze to the door but the door was no longer in his vision standing before him in a ruby red gown and her hair flowing down her back he could have swore Lilly’s eyes twinkled.
“Hunny this is Lilly she lives right next door.”
His palms sweated and his heart pounded
Stepping forward Lilly shook his limp hand and said “Nice to meet you Jasper, this is my daughter Jazz!”
There she was again the vision of his nightmare, a being he had created without his knowledge.
Turning on his heels he called for Bella. “Time to eat.”
“So sorry, I do not know what has gotten into my husband lately. It must be the move.”
© W O R D B E R R Y


The house stood behind the shrubbery completely shaded from the world, but she knew it was there. The tall pillars and large verenda had decayed over the years and strips of paint had begun peeling on her last visit. Strolling down the beaten path her palm grazed the blades of grass leaving them dancing behind her. It had been a long time since she had walked this way and she intended to drink every bit of the scenery for future thirst.
Her heart lived her on this land and even though Jasper had long gone only his memories exsisted in the fields; their first kiss, there first fumble and the day she would never forget. Moving through the shubberry she stepped into a time warp. Gone was the peeling paint and the vision of decay. Bees buzzed from flower to flower and birds chirpped lively. The grass had been mowed and men moved furniture from a loaded van.
Her heart sunk at the thought of her memories being replaced by others. Little did she know that the truth would free her from the heavy burderns of the past.
Jasper junior spotted the lady before she saw him, strolling towards her his hand outstreched from a handshake he greeted her warmly. “Hello, can I help you?” Taking his hand she shook her head. “Sorry I grew up here, I was just taking a walk down…..” “Memory Lane.” Jasper Senior interjected ” Madeline Rose, how good it is to see you.” There he was dark and handsome with a speckle of grey in his crown.
“Junior go and help your mother with the furniture.” Never taking his eyes off her he stepped forward confidently. ” It’s been a long time!” There were words she wanted to say but she couldn’t remember them under his glare. A rustling sound drew there attention as a young girl burst through the shrubbery her hair wild and unkempt.. “Mum why do we always have……” stopping mid sentence Jazz stared at the stranger beside her mother. “Dad.” Jazz squealed
Jasper looked down and frowned. “You must be mistaken!” He responded mortified.
To be continued.
© W O R D B E R R Y


A sharp taste cut through her senses like a dagger as she swirled the cool liquid around her tongue. The sparkle beneath her irises ignited her fiery flame as she inhaled the aura of love. Thadius would see her now, in her true form, he would fall in love with the vision only she possessed. Brushing a stray strand from her brow she tucked it neatly into her bun before exiting the bathroom. The partying guest basked in laughter and music under the influnce of good wine oblivious to magic happening within her. Spotting him at the bar she strode confidently towards him with a radiant smile. Tapping his shoulder she awaited the look of adoration, the electricity of phyiscial chemistry but to her horror he recoiled in digust. .
Her heart shattered like broken glass as he backed away in fear. People stared and pointed as he screamed wildly pointing at her with terror in his eyes. Something was very wrong. Looking across the bar at the glass mirror she could she nothing extremly different in her appearance. Suddenly, beside her a presence sucked out the air and words travelled to her ear.
“Those who search for true love find it! Those who deceive are denied it.”
Suddenly the glass distorted an a vision of extreme ugliness appeared as a laughter cackled behind her. .
“Behold the vision of your love!” The witch squealed delightlifully.
. © W O R D B E R R Y
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Waiting patiently she rose from the bed slowly. She had never seen anything like it. The sheets felt like satin and even the carpet felt like it had several more layers than the one in her own home. Last night she had no time to admire her surroundings, but in the morning light she had woken in paridise. Careful not to make a sound she padded across the floor and opened the door slowly. The sound of footsteps propelled her back to bed as if she had never moved. He entered with a smile on his face and a tray in hand. Steam rise from the mugs of sweetness he carried carefully.

“Morning Sweetness.” She stirred slowly before opening her eyes.
“I thought you might like this.”
Offering her a steaming mug before placing the tray on the side table.
Settling on the side of the bed he picked up the other and brought the heat to his lips.
“Are you going to say something!”
She looked at him with welcoming eyes and smiled. “I cannot believe this is real!” She gushed.
“Does it matter.” She looked at him quizzically before placing the mug back on the tray.

“What do you mean!”
“Will you love me for richer or poorer, is gold all you see.”
Glasping his face with her palms she pulled him close.
“Nothing, I mean nothing will stop me from loving you!”
He searched her face for lie before placing his lips on her own.
“Thats perfect because I’m not who I said I was. ” her arms dropped from his shoulders her lip quivered and her eyes squinted. “My name is Lord Harrison the third.”
“I lied.”
“I get that.” She snapped.
“Your upset.”
“Are you serious!”
“Most girls would be happy.”
Slipping off the bed she grabbed her skirt off the chair and stepped inside its circumference before shuffling the latex material upwards.
“I’m not most girl’s. Why would you lie any way. Who wants to claim the hood when they got all this.” She yelled.

“This isn’t me, I was born into this life. Your what I choose!”
“So your gonna move in with me, my mum , my gran and my brother’s.”
He looked away ashamed.
“Exactly. So Lord whatever the fuck uour name is go find you a Lady and stay our of the hoid where real bitches live.”
“Real bitch. Your as fake as me, uni classes at night hood rat by day.”
She crossed the room in a split second and slapped him so hard his eyes watered. “Dont you ever speak to me again.”
” What you gonna do? Shank me!”
Her lip trembled, tears rolled from her eyes and a pain exploded inside his chest.
“Stay in your lane Rich boy and I will stay in mine.”


Dripping wet with the scent of Christmas turkey and Malt Wine washed and rinsed from her pores she draped the robe over her nakedness. Christmas was finally over, her shoulders had finally relaxed and her feet had stopped throbbing.
An hour ago she was on the verge of committing a bloodly crime after the festive litter debacle. Before long the sound of silence prevailed, peace resumed within her household and the cake was calling her name. .
Slowly she padded down the stairs careful to miss the creaky step two from the bottom. Passing the front room her eyes danced at the sight of flowers and cake center stage on the table. .
In forty five minutes the clock would strike and another year would be added onto her life, the idea of aging scared her. Only one thing colud ease her birthday nerves, but she couldn’t; could she? .
Pulling the stool from under the counter she sat down and admired the cake embleshed with her age. “Forty never looked so good.”
Looking up at her husband she grinned. ” Come to bed.” He requested. “I can’t sleep. ” she replied with honesty.
Trailing her finger around the circumference of the base she heard the clatter of cultery. Knife in hand Jordan slit the seal and slide the cake from the box with ease. .
“We Shouldn’t!” She protested weakly already savouring the taste of chocolate on her lips.
“Hand it over.”
She looked away quickly , hiding her rosy cheeks in the shadows as she tried to hide the evidence. The metal clanking on the floor brought a loud chuckle from his lips that wouldn’t stop.
“Whats going on?” A sleepy Renee quizzed her 8 year old curisoity written all over her face.
Junior was right behind her his eyes bright like he had slept all night instead of and hour. “Pull up a seat Kids Mum needs to feed to Cake Monster.
Rubbing her swollen belly she giggled. ” Don’t worry baby you will be here soon to defend yourself.”


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T H R O U G H T H E W O O D S .

The trees and shrubbery surrounds my soul;
Through the woods I go.
Each uncertain step leading me to my goal,
Where beyond the forrest my future unfolds;
As I trail the written path that leads to my throne.
© W O R D B E R R Y
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