Her eyes spoke of internal pain the rain dripping down her face as she wept in vain. Although her blood cooled slightly her distress would not be in vain. One to many times she had been so forgiving, totally disregarding the consequences of her weakness. Now she wanted nothing more than vindication only blood could [...]


Ray Lake had never be alone; totally alone. These past few weeks dead silence had been his fear, music blared from the speakers as he attempted to block out the bad memories and cling onto the good ones. Emptying the laundry bag onto the bed he shifted through the clean items folding as he went [...]


H I M: Release me he cried into the wilderness the fables of man lingering upon his tongue. Forbidden paths walked along the way, some things he could not say, but many things left undone. Taking steps towards the future he cradles his past and wonders if peace will last. Beyond the concrete jungle and [...]


A L W A Y S AND F O R E V E R;: Before, I became a mother I wanted to be so many things. I wanted to travel the world and purchase my own diamond ring. I had dreams of riches and a house so big. . Then a detour from the yellow [...]


T H E U N K N O W N: The explorer travels the world in search of new discoveries. Upon his/her journey gathering all the sights he/she can see. Depositing all hopes and dreams. It has been said that the universe listens, carefully although unseen. While he/she trods his/her seed forgotton. Bursting through soil [...]


F A L L I N G The edge is nearer than I think Sometimes the way isn't always clear so I sink . Constant in my attempt at ascending steps . Consistently descending one at a time, at best. Hurriedly thinking of ways to uplift, stay abreast . Hands up in surrender and reaching [...]


Diamond Falcon was a woman of power, a lady with connections to the biggest shakers in the city but nothing could satisfy her insatiable desire. Sat with her legs folded and her bosom exposed she waited patiently for his arrival. Business had come to an end, her husband had absconded and the cat was already [...]


JADE: She had failed. The purple stain beneath her eye, the ten matching dots around her neck was proof she had failed. It had all happen so fast, her gun in Wesley chest, his fist in her face and the sound of gunshots ripping through the industrial estate he owned. Trembling beneath the shelter of [...]


WHEN KISSES AINT ENOUGH: Samuels' face said it all! The shifty glance, the snarl forming across his lips as I laid my discoveries on the table. There was no turning back, the locks had been broken and a bird had been released. Pushing the paperwork away with the tip of his fingertips he scoffed. "This [...]


Lovely, He kissed me under the moonlight Gently rubbing, asking me for loving Removing my underwear He whispered sweet, sweet nothings Just to show he cared But all to soon he had what he wanted And left without a care Stolen, Robbed Broken sobs Tired of fake loving Others can't get enough. Swollen, heartbroken and [...]