She was BROKEN. LONG ago; BEFORE the break of dawn. She had NO place to run NOWHERE to GO. TRAPPED inside the sunken hole burrowing in fashion of of mole Racing through life with no time to MOURN The girl, she could have been The woman, who may have come. Before Her Silence was sworn. [...]


What does it mean to be Black and British? F R O M N O W H E R E Where do I belong Amist questions of "where are you from?" The strange stares Fingers in my hair Its all long! I have the answers Not one they want to hear If this woman dont [...]


THE CALL🔞 She's calling me with that sexy tone That one that makes you run home. Finger to her lips Her nakedness my perfect fit. She demands attention With her brown eyes I can't lie My body rises . Shes calling me With that sexy tone As I arrive Her nakedness exposing The thickness of [...]


SAND AND SEA + YOU AND ME There were blue skys and yellow sand, A beautiful specimen, Man. Long brown locks and a stunning smile Asking if I'd stay a while. Bathed in the sun, Blue waters too, frolicking fun Me and you. Seashells held our moments Whispering to the sea. Tales of love between [...]


#shortstory "Take my hand and let me lead you." "To where?" he asked, confused . "Anywhere!" Looking back she looked deep into his eyes hoping he could read her thoughts. "Edward, do you trust me?" He stuttered still reserved in thoughts of their forthcoming destination. "Sure!" "Then take my hand and let me lead you!" [...]


Obscured from View Void of you Free of binds that once confined me Disappearing, disguised within the shrubbery You will never find another me. . . . movingforward #WB #amwriting #iwrite #majorkey #blackbritishwriter #blackbritishwriting #quotes #inspirational #igwrites #igauthorlife #iwrite #books #ebooks #kindle #authorsofinstagram #limitless #greatness


L I F T E D "Look up Queen. Dont tilt your crown. Wear a smile and not a frown. Hold up your head. Dont look down. Leave your fears on the ground. You are truly beautiful and amazingly profound. Here let me help you fix your crown." .. .... ...... #movingforward #crown #womanempowerment #unity [...]


LONG LOST LOVER Do you remember how we use to laugh, How you held my hand when we ran through grass. Was there ever a moment you knew it wouldnt last? This love we had now buried in the past! I once held you dear While lifetime commitment you feared Now I behold the heart [...]


There was a flutter in his heart as he reached for her hand, he had planned this well and wanted no mistakes. Her smile warmed his heart as she clasped her hand over his finger tips and rose to meet his lips. The earth sometimes shifted when their lips met thats how he had known [...]