#fiction #urbanfictionThe day my mother took her last breath they said I wouldn't remember. But what did they know! They said the trauma and the memories would fade, but I remembered everything..Bull burst through the door like an avenging angel, gun in hand pointing it at Daddy..Daddy wasn't my real daddy he was just another [...]


The huge bed was too big to climb so Polly lifted Ebony up high and sat her gently upon the satin spread. The smooth fabric slid between her fingers like a snake moving through grass leaving no trail of her fingertips. . Polly leaned in closed , the famaliar scent of fresh grass and burnt [...]

O R A N G E J U I C E & W A F F L E S

Splashes of sunlight danced across the walls highlighting the guilt staring back at her in the mirror. Although she had awaited his arrival anticipated his touch she had forgotten one thing. Slipping her feet into her shoes she stood with a glance at her reflection. . . "Was you just going to leave?" He sat [...]


#MERRYWRITE So I have begun a writing Challenge on Instagram, I thought I would follow up on WordPress. So threes days into december this is my December dailys. Enjoy ... NOTE: If you know of any other writing Challenges COMMENT BELOW #merryandwrite: DAY 1: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or none of the above? . For me [...]

R E A D M E: P A R T 2

M E R C Y L E S S ... Tayshan dailled his number frantically, her fingers skimming the wrong buttons more than once before the lock shifted and clicked. Stepping through the front door dragging his bike behind him Nathan sighed.Swallowing her distress she placed a smile over her frown and reluntantly stroded into [...]

R E A D M E :

M E R C Y L E S S . They took something from her she can never get back - Turned her blue days black - She will make them pay with what they can not buy - When Mercy comes someone is bound to die . S N E A K P E [...]


She was BROKEN. LONG ago; BEFORE the break of dawn. She had NO place to run NOWHERE to GO. TRAPPED inside the sunken hole burrowing in fashion of of mole Racing through life with no time to MOURN The girl, she could have been The woman, who may have come. Before Her Silence was sworn. [...]


What does it mean to be Black and British? F R O M N O W H E R E Where do I belong Amist questions of "where are you from?" The strange stares Fingers in my hair Its all long! I have the answers Not one they want to hear If this woman dont [...]


THE CALL🔞 She's calling me with that sexy tone That one that makes you run home. Finger to her lips Her nakedness my perfect fit. She demands attention With her brown eyes I can't lie My body rises . Shes calling me With that sexy tone As I arrive Her nakedness exposing The thickness of [...]