R E A D  M E:
T W  I C E  A S  N I C E
“All I want to know is where my sister is!”
Bear lowered his gaze and swallowed the thickening saliva building in the back of his throat.
“Well.” Nikiesha waited.
Sweat bubbled on his brow and sweat filled his palm, avoid her gaze he mumbled incoherently.
” I aint seen her in years!” Bear repeated more confident in the truth.
The door opened behind her, but Nikiesha did not move.  Bear shifted uncomfortably and waved Sky away. Jumping on his feet Sky waved back mouthing his words slowly. Shaking his head Bear return his gaze to the live vision of a ghost and something inside his body rattled. Sky kissed his teeth and edged closer.
“I need to speak to you, Its important.” Sky hissed behind the record counter.
“Not right now son.” Bear growled.
Turning slow Nikieshas belly tumbled as she faced her nephew grown and handsome. There was no doubt about his heritage, he was one of them, but Bear was not his father…….
W O R  D B E R  R Y
C O M I N G  S O O N

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T H E  P R I C E

Kale cursed as the door knocked softly, last night he had wanted some company , a release after the game was perfect sleeping remedy, but tonight he just wanted space in his own bed. It did not take a Genisis to know that it wasn’t Bibi on the other side of the door. Standing a few feet away he considered ignoring the persistent guest until, he heard the knock three more times. Pulling open the door he almost fell back as Sam jumped into his arms and covered his face in kisses.

“Hey baby.”

shutting the door behind her Kale admired her behind for a moment letting the vision of her body conturing rise his attention span.

Throwing her bed on the dresser Sam lay back on the bed and sighed, kicking off her shoes she curled into a foetal position and waited for a man to join her. Kale lay beside her facing the wall, how could he tell her to go home? Thinking of an excuse he shifted as her eyes bore into his back.
Sam couldn’t hold it any longer, “Why did you tell her.” spitting it out she waiting for an answer.
Kissing his teeth Kale shrugged, Bibi had just finished trying to get information from him about his source and now his source was concerned. In life he didn’t think he would ever understand women.
“If you didn’t want the drama you should have kept your mouth shut!” he snapped.
Sam dressed back at his tone”What’s wrong with you?”
Sitting up abruptly Kale folded his arms across his chest and rolled his eyes.
“This is not a relationship remember! We were no attachments, friends with benefits.”
“We are past that Kale.” Sam replied.
Kale nodded. ” Your right because it feels like you have moved in.”
Sam felt as if Kale had just thumped her heard in the chest as her head spun and no words would leave her lips.
“Look I like you , but this was never meant to be a permenant thing.” Reaching out for her hand, he shrugged when she recoiled quickly. ” Honestly, I think we should cool off for a while and focus on our studies still.”
Sam tried to hold the burning tears bubbling beneath her eyelids. Every pore in her body felt as if it was on fire. Rising from  the bed she paced the small space between the bed and the door.
“Six months and now we are FWBs this is a joke, right.”
Kale shook his head, ” Keep the noise down.”
Taking a deep breath Sam contained her rage beneath her hurt as her voice trembled “Six months, is no fling to me.”
“I’m with Bibi!” Kale replied
“You wasn’t last night, or the night before.” Sam screeched.
“Look calm down.”
Sam glared at Kale angrily, clutching her fist she bit her bottom lip as she lost the fight against her tears.
Kale chuckled, ” Nah don’t cry, you knew what this was.”
Grabbing her bag off the dresser Sam took one last look at the only man she had ever love and opened the door. Laying back down Kale closed his eyes. Sam smiled, for  it was that moment she would remember as she destroyed everything he ever loved.
W O R D B E R R Y  P R E S E N T S

C O M I N G  S O O N
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C O M I N G  S O O N
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W H A T ‘S  T H E  W O R D.
Things are changing, a new year is approaching, fast. Over the next few weeks WORD-BERRY.COM will be changing too. Look out for new releases that  will be featured on the website.
S E V E N  D A Y S ..

“Janelles revenge.”

T H E  P R I C E …..

“Ony your friends know your secret.”

N E V E R  L O O K  B A C K…

“Dead men speak.”

There will be more blogs, reviews and a space to feature short stories and poetry from other authors. We are going worldwide baby!
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T H E  P R I C E
“I told you that in confidence! you gave me your word.” Bibi groaned.
Sam kissed her teeth and folded her arms “I didn’t tell everybody, besides they already heard.”
Bibi knew it that was a lie.
“I told you my deepest fears and you tweeted like a bird.”
Sam shook her head with a frown
“Its not that deep, man. Chill out.”
“So if I told your business you would be ok?” Bibi quizzed
Sam’s eyes shrunk as she spat.”Me and you we are not the same.”


G O O D  M O R N I N G  B E R R I E S
The weekend is here and relaxation mode is supposed to be on, but Christmas is days away and the streets are hectic.  Queues are miles long and everyone is frustrated. So, whether your hunting for presents or shopping for Christmas Dinner treats keep calm and take a deep breath, 2020 is almost over.
Remember those who are no longer with us.
Be thankful we made it to this festive period and we are still able to appreciate those around us.


Across The Seas
We crossed paths once,
between sand and sea
you smiled, I smiled
do you remember me.
Rocky waves and Sunshine
neither knew what would be
exploring each others mind
Everything else unseen
That was a moment back in time
before time ended what had been.
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Once our eyes met I knew
It was an instant fraction, two over two
Once I was broken and you was my glue
Mended, patched and renewed.
Once we danced freely in the rain
Our extreme passion totally engaged
Once we were tested beyond repair
still we stood side by side, here
Once I thought it was over for true
but our love conquered, me for you
Once we will leave this mortal plane
Eternally we will live once again.
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So you got issues and somethings never seem to go right; Your not alone! So, don’t let negativity grow in your soul. Feed your vibe with Positive energy and let the chips fall were they may. Negative energy not only ages you physically, it drains you emotionally and mentally. Training your mind to find the positive within the negativity will uplift your spirit and grow your ability to deal with whatever life throws your way.


I came to set the world on fire
To dance in the rain.
I came to raise Kings and Queens to a higher plane.
I came to learn of those who died in my name,
I came to conquer and rise above shame.
I came to map the way to a future brighter than what you have seen.
I have come to reign in my blackness an Empress, not Queen.
I am no ruler of my people
I am one of many.
I stand in confidence,
I stand steady.
I will not falter
I will not shake.
My foes will quiver in my wake,
for I came to set the world on fire
dance in the rain…….



She left blood in her wake
dripping from her fingertips
She left an imprint behind
the sweet taste of her lips
She made hearts break
of skin thin and less thick
She was memorable
but her own emotions were nonstick.