This wasn't the first time he had tried to drink in her being through his lens. Each time he  attempted to catch her dancing spirit, he failed. Teasing, alluring and captivating his attention she had conquered his mind..Together, they had been playing this game for so long he had memorised her movements to the exact [...]


Jess paced the floor leaving a flurry of footprints in the lush carpet. Every bone in her body rattled with fear as she listened to Jess explain her plan. In the last three months she had become obsessed with justice she didn't really need. Everything she had done of her own accord yet, somehow she [...]

T H E S A N D M A N:

There she sat in the mist of uncountable grains of sand remembering his name. The rushing sea dancing against the edge of the island laid a rhythm to the song inside her head. The old hut had dissapeared, fishermen had abandoned these quarters but her heart still lived here. Alone with thoughts of him she [...]


Jason watched as his daughter wept in her mothers arms.."Hes gone Mum." Nevea wailed..Jason clutched his breath inside his lungs as the sob  tore at a heart he had often questioned exsisted. ." What am I gonna do now." Nevea asked her mother eager for answers.."Everything will be fine there will be others.".Jason's blood boil as [...]


There was no diamonds paved on these streets, no hood millionaires either. Lined against the pavement four black hearse awaiting their passengers as a small crowd formed. Mother Gee had been a pillar of the community, a leader of sorts. Now she was a corpse the belly of the beast had been ripped open. People [...]


EXSISTING: .Even if the world doesn't see your beauty, it exist.... Mona could not cry for she had know. The denial covered the surface but beneath the thinning shade the truth remained. Placing the phone on the counter she retrieved the old photo from the frame and  curled the piece of paper in her palm.  [...]


RECLAIMATION:.You are the king of your castle,The mentor for your seedYour actions will shape their destinyAbandoned daughters, disguraded sonsHow long will you run?Children are dying, Mothers are cryingThe limit has come!There has to be an end to this destructionA path we can construct uponA future we can all agreed - will not worship vanity.The streets [...]


"When nature stills your feet and cleanses your mind."-Wordberry.T H E  R I V E R  B E D:Lost in its flowJust floating above the surfaceExposed to sunlightStill absent from human sightExsisting in the depths of the debris.Moving.Unsure where the flow will goQuestions unansweredScared of the unknownContinously passing ships move byColourful sails under the universal [...]


To Whom It May Concern. Woman are not objects or figurines you place upon a shelf until you get bored. Women have expectations and goals..The idealistic stepford wife is dead..A good woman has the ability to build, grow and learn while maintaining a home, raising children and supporting others..So, before you attempt to lure a [...]


LOST:.There was a gentle decay, a sweet fermented rot while she ignored all the signs of a forget me not. Naivety and innocence lost, replaced with wisdom she had got. The lasting scars lined above her intimate. Faded memories and commitments. She moved through the world disturbing the ground ultimatelyexposing whats was lost and now [...]