He wanted her forever, he told her so. "I will never let you go!" He saidHe held her down with rocks and timber but she floated to the surface unable to drown. Drenched from his attempts, he watch dumbfounded without a sound and as she rose from the water he fell to the ground. Dripping [...]

T E A  A N Y O N E.

.While compiling some research I stumbled upon the essays  of Stuart Hall, I was amazed at his intricate analysis of identity and ethnicity. Understanding the importance of  cultural identity and ethnicity and its connection to the individual make up of ones identity. Brings me to my point -  Lately there has been a surge in [...]


Sometimes we think we never have to look back, but when the past come knocking backwards is the only way forward.......Victor thought he would die with his name but the owner wants it back.Can Victor give up everything his accomplished?Will the past kill his future?Or will Victor make the ulitmate sacrifice and live?..© W O R [...]


.Moonshine and rainbows that danced across the wall. A life if strawberries and creamHe promised all but never was as it seems..Smooth stroking as she glided in the air on his love. He had decided she was the one..White dress, a diamond ring and all. While lurking in the darkness the truth hidden in his [...]


They thought they left me falling down.But I floated hovering above ground. Birthed with the tribe Cygnini blessed with the beauty within me. I land upon two feet Firm upon solid ground Just a moment to fix my crown.As I extend my unharmed wings, I affirm the enemy shall not win..© W O R D B [...]


Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Can you see everything I been through, everything I've been?Can you say you truely know me from the little pieces you see. While building up a narrative that can only be viewed objectively In truth you cannot claim to know me just from the sight [...]


It had all be so sudden. No one could have forseen such turmoil and heartbreak but Karla felt relief. Remembering the day like it was yesterday, the broken moments continuiously played inside her head. Jack had been her first love, the one she shared her secrets with but things had changed. School had finished, University [...]

T H E  F R E Q U E N C Y:

They disturbed the earth with their presence, blinded the sun with their shine. Unite sisters that have been adorned by the heavenly divine. They came to win, everytime. Their speech was like beautiful music, a tune you can rewind. A smile from their lips a picture you can keep in your mind. As they  dance [...]


Her birth had not produced a golden spoon instead her own was silver. She had risen from the concrete her petals passing thorns her beauty yet to deliver. Budding she blossomed into much more As she wandered through life as she began to explore The highs and lows To the far and wideLiving in hopeA [...]