After dark the Sun Shines…

“I am someone you have never heard of and someone you will wish you never met.”



Red Heels…

They use to say I was a myth, but they use to say behind every good man is a better woman too. I don’t think they ever really understood what that meant. You see, in my day women were silent, unheard in the streets, but in their house; Only the Lord could contest the woman of the roost. My mother was a tyrant but my father was beast, standing six foot tall and probably six foot wide in his better days he was no one’s mug. Training us kids to take a hit he took no pity on his only girl, instead he reared me to fight to the death. People had often told me I was more like my father than my mother, God knows I’m a bit of both.

There wasn’t a man on this earth that scared me more than my daddy so, any other was fair game. I was about as hard as any man I ever met in heels, but last night I wished my daddy was still alive. One of seven boys I had to work harder than most. See, I wasn’t going to be no regular Nancy; Not me! I wasn’t gonna hide in no house either, laid up under no man tied to a bag of kids I could never seem to stop happening. This was the 90s, women were free for goodness sake. I knew I was gonna be my own boss. There was no question about it, I was going to be the master of my own universe and nobody played with me unless I asked them too.

I started of slow and steady crawling up the chain of the market traders until I had my own stall, wasn’t long before I could afford a deposit on a two up, two down house in the Grove. All brick and mortar she was my pride an joy, but the recession kicked in and Red Heels was born. I know what your thinking business by day stripper by night but Red Heels wasn’t like that, I sold drinks and good times: The ladies at the heels were confidants in a home away from home and if they happen to sell a little joy on the side that had nothing to do with the shoes I walked in. Four years ago I opened the doors and I ain’t never been shut down or beat down and that was not going to start today.

In all the years I had been alive I had never seen a dead body yet. That was before last night! Now, all I could see was the distorted face of death.

There was a price to pay and a one man to find. In less than twenty four hours I had a name and a place; Matrix Jackson. 7PM at the back door. Matrix was the unfortunate dealer who had shat on the wrong turf and he was about to learn I did not come to play. The girls had been briefed and calls had been made. Pushing open the back door I spotted the eager bastard ready and waiting at the back of the club. Moving through the darkness I wondered how old he was? Speckles of fluff above his lip and a rude bwoy swag screamed too young, but you were never to young to learn a lesson.

Stepping forward Matrix approached me gingerly,

“What you need pretty lady?”

Sighing deeply I frowned,
“You shouldn’t let the pretty face fool you.”
Matrix sniggered as I ground my teeth in annoyance.

“So, what you need?”

“I need some information, seems like someone is serving customers at the Red Heel.” I paused as a look of confusion flickered across his face. ” Don’t worry I ain’t the Police.”

Matrix scowled, “Am I suppose to be scared.”

I shook my head and chuckled lightly,
“Not at all, just warned!”

“Aint no more gangsters on the corner if you hadn’t noticed so before you come round here with threats you should have brought back up. ” Matrix smiled.

I nodded politely and clapped my hands twice, “I’m never alone.”

Stepping forward I smiled broader as the sound of heels patted behind me.

“Now I suppose to be afraid of some bitches.” Matrix sniggered.

I lay the kick into his upper chest and watched him fall, stepping over his frame I lay my heel heavily into his ribcage and watched him wince.

“You Sir have upset some very important people, i.e Us and we think its only fair you rectify the mistake you have made.”

Grinding my heel deeper I growled.

“Otherwise I am going to ensure you live long enough to watch you entire bloodline die just like that kid in my club.”

Matrix groan loudly as I released the pressure on his chest.

“I didn’t catch that!”

“Who the fuck are you?” Matrix whimpered.

“Somebody you ain’t never heard of and someone you will wish you never met!”.