I had drifted across sands and sea, yet I had never envision such beauty as she. Standing in the eye of the sun , covered in natures gold she stole a part of my soul. Even though she didn't know it or me there was some force pulling me closer. Never I imagined that love [...]


It had been four summers and four birthdays since Desire had hatched her fairytale life out of the rumbles of red rock and everything had gone into high drive. The old beach hotel had been taken over by the Edgar family, a well to do white family from the cold streets of England. John Edgar [...]


Clyde dropped her bag on the floor and ruffled her hair, a twelve hour shift had sunken her feet so far into the ground she was walking like a penguin. Pulling open her wardrobe she removed her grey fluffy bath robe with the hood and proceeded to the bathroom in need of water. The water [...]

O R A N G E J U I C E & W A F F L E S

Splashes of sunlight danced across the walls highlighting the guilt staring back at her in the mirror. Although she had awaited his arrival anticipated his touch she had forgotten one thing. Slipping her feet into her shoes she stood with a glance at her reflection. . . "Was you just going to leave?" He sat [...]


T H R O U G H T H E W O O D S . The trees and shrubbery surrounds my soul; Through the woods I go. Each uncertain step leading me to my goal, Where beyond the forrest my future unfolds; As I trail the written path that leads to my throne. . [...]

R E A D M E: P A R T 2

M E R C Y L E S S ... Tayshan dailled his number frantically, her fingers skimming the wrong buttons more than once before the lock shifted and clicked. Stepping through the front door dragging his bike behind him Nathan sighed.Swallowing her distress she placed a smile over her frown and reluntantly stroded into [...]


THE CALL🔞 She's calling me with that sexy tone That one that makes you run home. Finger to her lips Her nakedness my perfect fit. She demands attention With her brown eyes I can't lie My body rises . Shes calling me With that sexy tone As I arrive Her nakedness exposing The thickness of [...]


SAND AND SEA + YOU AND ME There were blue skys and yellow sand, A beautiful specimen, Man. Long brown locks and a stunning smile Asking if I'd stay a while. Bathed in the sun, Blue waters too, frolicking fun Me and you. Seashells held our moments Whispering to the sea. Tales of love between [...]