When we are born we are a blank canvas, unblemished. Unclouded by prejudices and insecurties we begin life. We have no idea who we will become when we are born, our only certainty is death. Even though, we may not know it at the time structure of life does not allow you to forget your [...]


They had said nothing since the money the car arrived. watching the buildings glide past they thought of the endless possibilities. Terrified Ruby silently wondered if this was the thing that would break her. Sensinv her nervousness Ebony broke the heavy silence between  them and the rumbling engine. Thoughtfully she choose her words carefully, rubbing [...]


There is often a moment of clarity but many moments of confusion. Anxiety makes it difficult to communicate with others and attend social events, anxiety can take over your entire life. One day you are the most popular person with a flurry of friends and in a split second you are a loner so introverted [...]


1996:The nineties was the era of disposable #cameras and grainy pictures. Double exposure or floating blobs of light distorting faces..You would be lucky enough to get one clear shot..Gone was the illuminious coloured shell suits and accessories..#SaltnPepa had #revolutionised leather jackets and large hoops. #Envouge gave us something we could feel and #SWV made us [...]

Q & A

Hey Guys and Dolls, I made a post a while back #askmeanything and I received a few questions on my INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK STORY. Although this was some time ago it is never to late. So , below are the answers you have been looking for! If I have missed anything comment below.... 1. Do [...]


The distinct sweet scent of her love still lingered upon his flesh as she peeled herself away..Morning had already broken through the night and a sunray danced across her stomach as she rose from the bed..There was no words, they had been her before.Once he had begged her to remain, but she had already attempted [...]


Cara Jade had spent her entire summer conjuring a story of interest and turning herself into the ultimate girl. Soon she would be attending her new school and everyone wanted to know the new girl..Covered in cotton with barely space to see, she had no life, no story..Then she rememeber the popular girls takes, spoken [...]


The red earth crumbled beneath her bare feet still soaked in the blood of her people. Their song silence, but the reminisce of their exsistance still clinging onto the land they had tolled and reaped for the other half  of her lineage..Returning to the land of her birth had never been a thought. Unconciusly she [...]


Making the huge step to promote myself and put my writing out there for the world to see seemed like a mission impossible. Almost two years in I wish I had taken the leap of faith sooner. To each and everyone of you who has followed me, brought a book or given me advice I [...]


ONCE AND FOREVER:"Nothing else matters! If you got my back, I got yours. We can face this together!" Steven spat with conviction..Standing beneath the decaying oak tree they had so many times explored, Krishna stared into the eyes she searched for in any crowd and faltered. Three years later and even a foot apart the [...]