EVE SHOES:Jasmine could remember it like it was yesterday...It was her thirteen birthday, a milestone she would remember forever. Tonight she would be partying with her closest friends, but right now she was waiting.Poking her head through the curtain Jasmine danced excitedly, there was only one day of the year she had such enthusiasm. Eve, [...]


PRECIOUS: "Its the right thing to do Precious, you already have one out of wedlock. Justin is perfect, you are perfect together.".Shuddering at the large brown wooden doors, Precious turned to her mother once more. It had all been discussed extensively, she would marry Justin and create a perfect family unit her mother could be [...]

In The Name of Justice.

Today we were a part of history! Making the decision to take my youngest to a protest was not taken lightly. The peaceful protest in respect of George Floyd and others who have lost their lives to police brutality was something I wanted my son to see. As a mother of black boys it was [...]


There was a moment just before she closed her eyes when she thought of herself.  Usually engrossed in the pleasure of others and servitude she had little time for herself. It was moments like these she cherished, the peace and the calm. Tommorrow, she would rise again to do just the same while patiently waiting [...]


She waited year for the devotion she laid out in return only to be disappointed. Taking her dignity and her pride she walked into the light. Standing in the darkness he yelled her name, drowned out by tumultuous rains. Refusing to look back she released her pain, she would never know darkness again. .Moral of [...]


Jace sat in the driveway, her hand clutching the wheel. The wound on her arm still dripped on the upholstery and her head felt extremely light. Closing her eyes she lay her head on the steering wheel and tried to focus. Xena had already noticed the car coming up the drive, looking out of the [...]


H O L D  M E  D O W N.......Nessa shrugged, "Whose laughing." Bling Carter lowered his gaze and sighed. In his entire reign he had never employed a woman to do a mans job, but his choices were limited. The loyal ones had dispersed and the flakes had abandoned ship. Everything around him was [...]

The Silent Scream

.As the haze lifted Lara had been instructed not to move. An hour ago, she had been sipping a warm tea now she was strapped to a chair. Her chest heaved as she panicked, struggling against the bonds she winced as the rope cut through her flesh. Jace remained unbothered by Laras moans of confusion [...]


"Love is pain." Her mother once said. They had fought, they had been fighting for years but, that didn't mean she loved him any less. Now, her she lay listening to the wind blow the spring blossoms into dance wishing he would return. The hours past by so slowly as she thought of him out [...]

The initiative has begun. Actively challenging the issues and breaking down boundaries for BAME writers Jacaranda books have established a long list of writers who have produced significant work detailing the inner workings of our times. Recently creating the #Twentyin2020 I have been following the journey closely and after anticipating the first release from @jacarandabooks [...]