“Know your story before you read someone esles..”

I never claimed perfection would never ask such of you.
So when you look down from your pedastal
Remember you will have your time too..
Once your feet stood on the same ground as mine.
Now your exsposing your arse the higher you climb.
Can you just think up a future, tell me what you see
Do you have a lifelong plan or an instant problem remedy
Is there a plan, a vision or crumbs that lead you to truth.
Will you fast forward through until adulthood or will you remain stuck in your youth.
Show me the manual you have seen; I want to read.
That part that claims your better than me.
I’ll mark the text and remember next time
When you stand tall and I dull in your shine
Stand steady on your pedastal, never, ever rock
Because judgement is the only safety net you have got
You cannot escape the stares or shield your fears
Under the glare of your peers
You should know empathy does not live here
Many rivers are filled with fallen tears, but I guess you have never felt the rain up there…….

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They tried to kill my vibe; I died, but I survived....

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