Netflix has done a good job of providing new entertainment this past year. For all Marvel lovers, you will not be dissapointed. British actors take the lead as Eddie Brock  played by the amazing Tom Hardy, alongside Riz Ahmed playing Carlton Drake.


On the way to space Carlton Drake has the ultimate solution to life. Only some prefer death.


The movie was slow in the beginning, but the climax came at the right time. Tom Hardy is an amazing actor whose performances always leave me speechless. Venom did not disspoint with the ending, not one for scare tatics I was in two minds about watching this one, but this was one of the best Marvel films I’ve seen in a while. (Recomendations welcome below.)

Venom had me laughing and jumping at the same time. I would personally rate this Marvel Movie a 9/10.

“Put your hands down your making us look bad.” – Venom

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