Eight years ago I went natural, something I was scared to do; However, I was fuelled by thinning edges and their long awaited return.
As women we are taught to adapt ourselves, improvise our features and amplify our assets. For Black women this is magnified by our hair. Each shifted strand is a statement, a blend of our history and yet, to some is still an entire mystery.
Yet, the message to straighten and destory the natural flow of hair has been embedded in the traditions of adapting to the sectors of society. Times have changed and difference is no longer a movement, but a way of life. #FREETHEFRO
“In memory of the hot comb”
Laquer applied before steam and sizzle
Straight comb slide through as the curls fizzle
Layers slip and slide with movement
Too much and the Waves return
Never get Wet and wild the curls will recurl
Reduced to Knots and curves you will remember each burn.
As the stove is reheated and the comb reapplied.
Ears tucked, silent tears cried…

 Repost @sway_naturale
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