“Be careful of the things thou speak, for blood is what others may sèek..”


Cora had known the time was near, its precised moments unclear. There was no gear as shuffled between the buildings as quietly as she could just in her vision had been wrkng. Although, she had never been wrong. It was clear now, the small hazard dots of orange and yellow lights dotted the horizon. The spirts weighed heavy on her soul, the air was thick with the scent of devastion. Just a few more steps and she would be home, the only place she had yet to occupy. A place where her kind was welcomed.

Taking a deep breath she let any reservations go as she reached out for the handle. No one would survive, she would be forgotten hut deaty would be sweeter than the fate of the New Queen. Closing her eyes she winced as the blade cut through material and flesh, tearing her inner organs as her killer dragged the weapon from her flesh recklessly. Death was no easy feat for a woman who saw the future, her fate had already been sealed. As she fell to the ground she smiled, her saviour would rise in a future she had already seen.


“Nothing will come of this venom you spew, only death will consume you!” She uttered wih her last dying breath.


Sade stepped out of the shadows her blade cleaned of any traces of blood. Cora had been a treasured subject, a balued member of her circle, but her sight had been her undoing. There was a world out there Sade had been forbidden to explore. The Kingdom had been her womb and she would not let it been her tomb. As the first flicker of light drew near enough to bellow smoke she let the gates of the Kingdom down and waited for her chariot.

Screams of torment and grunts of war filled the night air as her people fought for prized breath. Settled at the edge of her land she cast her eyes over the flames that had once been her home and let the curtain fall.

“Let’s not tally driver, to the Kingdom of Wonders.” She orderd.

Fredrick Jack grinned a toothy grin, “Certainly My Queen.”

Dawn began to crack through the night sky and the birds had began their morning song drifting off to sleep was forbidden but the sweet lullaby rocked her to sleep reluctantly. Fredrick Jake let the Charoit grind to a halt and dismantled his post, carefully he opened the Charoit door and smiled his winning smile. Placing his two fingers in his mouth he let out a shrill whistle and the trees shuffled.

“Death had visited in the night while the Kingdom slept, no-one had been prepared for the brutal slaughter. “

Sade struggled over the mountain, her royal attire torn and shredded. Blood spilled from the flesh above her brow and between the blink of her eye and a droplet of blood she could see her future in sight. The chariot had passed through rivers and storms to get to the treasure he possess, but their plam had been foiled and her chaperones slaughtered.

The only connection she had to her past clasped between her palm as she stumbled towards the Kingdom of Wonders. Her mother had spoken of this place as if it held the key only her mother was dead and her own Kingdom at it’s knees. The King of Wonder was abundantly blessed with wealth and heirs, a man of few words Sade could not shift her fear.

Who knew what army had invade her Kingdom under the guise of night.

Trust was a principle she would have to reserve for her instincts, at this point she was the last of her kind , that meant only she could keep her Kingdom alive. The last of her energy draining from its source her journey across deserts and unfamaliar terrain had numbed her pain.

A foot from and ally to her land she stumbled and fell; Her body was weak but her mind was strong. Crawling across the barrier that seperated the land of nowhere and the Land of Wonders she opened her palm and let the beacon shine……..

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