Lesly lay beside her husband unsure wheter to sob or scream. Instead, she lay awake waiting for a sign of some sort that would convince her of his crimes.

Eyes closed, unpreturbed her husband didn’t move an inch as she shuffled off the King size bed and onto the cold tiled floor. He had always been so good to her, a true man of his word.

They had come to the Cuba to renew their love in front of their family and friends. An event Lesley been dead set against but her husband was a man who never took no for an answer.

Willing the dawn to break and the birds to fill the air with song she grinnned at the first sight of rays before letting out a peircing scream.

A grieving widow always creates a scene.

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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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