Once she had been good; Once……

They had been in this together every step of the way apart from that fateful day. Willingly blinded by her illicit seduction and indecent proposals he had been lost in lust. Anything she requested of him was a Must! Crowned, undoubtedly his Queen he had trusted her with his very being.
Standing at the bottom of the steps, handcuffed and disappointed he could blame no one but himself.  That was the price he had paid for worshipping wealth. There were warning signs and rumours she wanted him dead. The disbelief rules the cynical thought process in his head. They were ride or die, Bonnie and Clyde yet she was the farthest from his side.
Now, he was paying a bigger price for a small indiscretion and she was as free as a bird. The Good Girl gone bad, but his reincarnation had yet occurred. Retain beyond the street curbs he kept his ear open for anything he heard because one day, very soon he would return.

Her face had aged and her body too, but she was still the woman he had came for.Nights dreaming of her face and the moment they met again burned within the fire in his chest. There was restitution due, but he only required retribution.

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They tried to kill my vibe; I died, but I survived....

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