What kind of influence is this?
Children are canvases that paint their way to adulthood. As a parent I have already prided myself on raising strong, intelligent black men. So, here I was innocently trying to insight a meaningful picture and this is what I got!
The instructions were simple, I followed them myself…
“Put your two fingers up son.”
“Like this!”
“Yes son we going to take a peace picture.”
He shrugs but eventually throws up his dueces….
As I examine the picture and spot the mistake the words slipped out so easily …..”Oh shit.”
Horrified my son said “Mum you swore!”
臘‍♀️#mummymoments #swearjar
How do you explain to a child that the picture you have just taken is a big FU instead of PEACE AND LOVE. We have to be vigilant in the influences we impart upon our children. I by no means encourage swearing but this is definitely a memory we will laugh at it years to come..
Sidenote: Although, I realised to late we were saying FU instead of peace sometimes the haters need to hear it twice….✌#peace
#Meandminime #peaceandlove  #snaps #photobombed #motherandson #roadtrip #outandabout #vlogging #blogging #writer #writes #amwriting

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