When we are born we are a blank canvas, unblemished. Unclouded by prejudices and insecurties we begin life. We have no idea who we will become when we are born, our only certainty is death. Even though, we may not know it at the time structure of life does not allow you to forget your mortality past a certain point.

It is true that even at your oldest age you are still or will still be learning. The knowledge we aquire is built upon year after year and there is ao much to learn. As we grow and become our own individual person. However, the childhood influences and mistakes shapes your views and the way how you see the world.

These days change is constant, being objective is paramount to functioning within a world that is ever changing. No matter what you thought before, educating yourself can enable you to see the world from another person perspective. Growing past your prejudices and insecurites will grow you spiritually.

Understand that tomorrow is not promised to no one!

Love and be Loved…

© W O R D B E R R Y

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