They had said nothing since the money the car arrived. watching the buildings glide past they thought of the endless possibilities. Terrified Ruby silently wondered if this was the thing that would break her.

Sensinv her nervousness Ebony broke the heavy silence between  them and the rumbling engine. Thoughtfully she choose her words carefully, rubbing her sweaty palms together she cleared her throat.
“They are not expecting this Ruby. It’snew for everybody.”
Clutching Ebonys hand tight Ruby smiled.
“I know it just so public!”

ebony winced and Ruby dropped her gaze, laltely she said all the wrong things. it was easy for Ebony, her life had been different.
In a few minutes they would arrive at the event of the year, together. There was no turning back or retraction from the words they had whispered the night before. Ebony admired her blush beneath the shadow, nothing was more beautiful than her. Nausea rose to Rubys lips as the car cruised closer to their destination.
“I’m scared Ebony, this is…” shaking her head hard, Ruby stared out of the window. “Different.”
Ruby sighed, it had been most three years she wasn’t sure how much more disappointments she could take.
“I understand if you want to do this on your own, but know I’m here for you.”
As the car came to a stop outside the Finchley Hotel Ebony remained seated. Was she ready? Would this be the end tk their beUtiful union? None of the answers appeared.
“What do you want to do?” Ruby asked quietly as she tried to tame the butterflies inside her stomach  fluttering uncontrollably
“You ready for this!” Ebony asked
Nodding faithfully Ruby stepped gracefully out of the car smiling at  the cameras flashing brightly in her face. Yesterday, she was just Ruby, a girl Ebony knew. Tonight she was somebody. Avoiding the intrusive lenses  Ruby rounded the limo and waited for the usher to open the door.
Sliding out of the car Ebony stood six foot tall her slender body kissed by the dress she wore. Standing side by side they strode down the red carpet together.
Pausing at the main entrance Ruby frowned. “We can’t do this.”
Touching her left cheek with her fingertips Ebony whispered ” We can do anything together.”
Looking into Ebony’s green eyes Ruby nodded. “I’m coming out.”

“Its time for the world to know.” Ebony continued.

.© W O R D B E R R Y

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