The distinct sweet scent of her love still lingered upon his flesh as she peeled herself away.
Morning had already broken through the night and a sunray danced across her stomach as she rose from the bed.
There was no words, they had been her before.

Once he had begged her to remain, but she had already attempted to erase their time from her brain.
Redressing slowly as she gathered up the pieces of her  discarded outfit he watched her every move.
Later he would replay them in his head.
“Stay.” He whispered aware she wouldn’t.
Sighing deeply she replied expectantly “I can’t, I have to go.”
Even though, he wanted to rise, hold her in his arms and beg her to stay; he did not move.
Instead he remain rooted to the spot stuck in the moments before morning when she was his instead…


© W O R D B E R R Y

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