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Hey Guys and Dolls,

I made a post a while back #askmeanything and I received a few questions on my INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK STORY. Although this was some time ago it is never to late.

So , below are the answers you have been looking for!

If I have missed anything comment below….

1. Do you only write fiction?

For now, yes.

2. What’s your favorite book?

I cannot pick one it would be doing an injustice to the others, seriously.

3.How long have you been writing?

It feels like forever, but I really took it serious in year five when my teacher took great interest in my work. My teacher was determined to see me succeed advocating for advance curriculum.

4.What inspired you to write?

I loved reading from a young age and I fell in love with the characters in Roald Dahls extensive collection, before graduating to Judy Bloom and R. L. Stine. I guess I just wanted to create my own little worlds that black girls existed in. It was always apparent that none of the characters I read about lived in my world. When I was introduced to Rosa Guy I began searching for black narratives far and wide. Essentially my love of books inspired me to put bed to paper.

5.Do you know that there are very few black British writers?

As far as statistics are concerned there is a limit number of black writers and illustrators in the field. However, when you cast you eyes across instagram beneath the hashtag #blackbristhwriters more than a few pop up. There are many resources available via social media and Web outlets. Multiple #illustrators and #digitalartist fully capable of providing services required ate accessible.

There is a hashtag for everything



…you get the drift..


6. How do you make contact with other authors and publishers?

As a independent writer finding the right people and sourcing the correct services can be difficult. Do not fret, social media has a whole heap of options available to you.

It is important to forge relationships with like minded individuals. So, send a few messages to illustrators and editors you like or better yet click their links and complete your own research.

By sending a personal message you could potentially curate a productive relationship that can also be beneficial to both parties in terms of advice and support.

Disclamer: If you get no reply please do not badger anyone. ONE message is enough!

Also there are many loops on Instagram connecting likeminded people. Requirements to join are below in their description box, each look is different. Currently I am fascinapted with #blackwomenlooping.


7. Do You ever feel like giving up?

The independent publishing world is a lonely place. So, yes I have multiple times, but something always makes me go back to doing what I love. In someways it helps me stay sane. Don’t be put of by the fact you might be doing this alone. This should help you remain focused on your goal.

Thank you for reading #askmeanything

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