T H E S A N D M A N:

There she sat in the mist of uncountable grains of sand remembering his name. The rushing sea dancing against the edge of the island laid a rhythm to the song inside her head. The old hut had dissapeared, fishermen had abandoned these quarters but her heart still lived here. Alone with thoughts of him she wondered if he remembered her after all these years. Shaking her head she gathered a handful of sand and let it slid through her fingers.
They had promised to meet here once, he had forgotten.
Gathering her shoes she rose from the beach and let her feet cling to the last of her memories
How foolish of her to think he would remember!
As traces of her footsteps washed away a young man strolled onto the beach his hopes high. Every year he came and awaited till dark , but he always went home hopeful one day they would meet again.
So, as night fell and the moon rose above them under the same sky they thought of each other.
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