There was no diamonds paved on these streets, no hood millionaires either. Lined against the pavement four black hearse awaiting their passengers as a small crowd formed. Mother Gee had been a pillar of the community, a leader of sorts. Now she was a corpse the belly of the beast had been ripped open. People from across the globe had arrived to pay their respects to one of the most feared women of all time. For almost two decade Mother Gee had taken charge of the corners and guided her entourage to success.

It was the job of dealer to sell a dream and that included the lifestyle. Mother Gee could sell anyone, anything. You see, it wasn’t the small time hustler driving the big bend off the corner who was making the money, it was the woman you never saw coming. Kya Gee pushed through the crowd until she reached a small opening and slipped into an empty hearse. Taking a deep breath she lay her hands in her lap and inhaled deeply once more. All her life she had lived without fear, confident her name alone would protect her. But, today the heart of their family was being laid to rest and no one was safe.

There was so many unanswered questions the air felt thick with the 
heaviness of treason.

Someone knew who killed Mother Gee and that someone was among them.

The door opened and her steadying hands begun to shake once more. Sliding inside Shady told the driver to move.

“Its gonna be alright, Star.” he shrugged.

Folding her arms Kya kissed her teeth.

“How do you figure that! We are on our own!”

Pulling a spliff out of his top pocket he nudged her gently.

“Take this.”

Refusing Kya returned her gaze to the window. Watching the blocks as the car past by Kya rubbed a tear aggressively from her eyes. The solid grey concrete blocks had big dreams but the black clouds never strayed far from the top. There were good people here, families just trying to make it through the struggle but the hood had a way of seeping into your veins and taking over your natural senses.Secrets  buried in the foundation’s of the walls while the walking ghosts filled the stairwells with a sickly sweet thick haze.

Today the streets were empty, the hustlers and respectgul attendees. A trail of cars leading towards the cemetery had joined her family in their united front. Looking back at the parade she felt the bile rise to the back of her throat and closed her eyes tight willing the taste to dissappear. In her heart of hearts she knew Mother Gee would never die. Just like the legends before her she would lived forever on the edge of tongues, travelling whispers through the walls like the bogeyman.

Lighting the spliff Shady relaxed into the leather and exhaled.

“ She wasnt an easy woman to get to.”

Kya frowned. “She!”

“You know what I mean.”

Staring him down like and xray Kya looked for some sort of sign any form of trickery and saw none. Relaxing slightly she took the spliff as he offered it once more.

“Shady between me and you someone close to us did this.”

Shady nodded, exhaling the smoke into the cars interior before responding thoughtfully.

“Thats obivious whats not obvious is who the person is. She always told us our tume of

“Why the fuxk you taking this so easy.” Kya snapped. ” Its like you have forgotten she was murdered for fuck sake.”

Suddenly thesmoke lost its flavour, handing it back she shook her head.

“Whoever dis this will be put to sleep.”

Shady nodded

“I wanna be there when they take that last nap.”

At that moment Kya had no idea how much her life was about to change.


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