Even if the world doesn’t see your beauty, it exist….

Mona could not cry for she had know. The denial covered the surface but beneath the thinning shade the truth remained. Placing the phone on the counter she retrieved the old photo from the frame and  curled the piece of paper in her palm.  Slowly, Mona crushed the delicate paper binds cracking the fake smiles and contours of expensive attire.
She couldn’t get his words out of her head, everything  had been tainted and destroyed.

Moving in a slow motion she pulled her body towards the door reluctantly. Jason stood on the other side ready for a confrontation that was bound to come. But, Mona had no words to disturb his ugly mind with her beautiful find. Standing beside the bin she opened her palm and stared down at the mangled paper and smiled.

Dropping the image onto of the rubbish she had already disregarded shut the lid and sighed. Waiting with eager intention to explore the remains she had disguarded Jason tapped his foot before scratching his head lightly. Slowly he traced her steps and opened up the bin scanning its contents his eyes settled on a piece of paper he reconigsed as his own. Standing over the bin he teased the paper apart until the crumbled edges had been exposed, Mona knows.

The wedding photo taken years ago had never been truly examined, hidden in the back of his drawer among other dusty memories he had lived in hope the truth would remain undiscovered. The fingers entwined were clasped together tight, not a day past when he didnt think of him. He had hoped that  Mona would never discover the secret he had hidden so long. Sadly, he returned the photo to the top of the bin and shut the lid……


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