Jasmine could remember it like it was yesterday..
It was her thirteen birthday, a milestone she would remember forever. Tonight she would be partying with her closest friends, but right now she was waiting.
Poking her head through the curtain Jasmine danced excitedly, there was only one day of the year she had such enthusiasm. Eve, her mother had already hidden the wrapping paper and Shaun, her stepfather had stacked the cupboard with all sorts of groceries. .
In less than five minutes, her special guest would be arrive  and the real festivities would begin. This time he might stay longer, she thought. Spotting the blue beetle shuttling up the road Jasmine squealed. .
“Their here.”
Rolling her eyes Eve pursed her lips and sighed inwardly. Jadmine always seemed to enjoy the morning but after a fleeting visit, a crumpled cards and what crumbs Max could dig out of his pocket would be her biryhday gift. With a heavy heart she watched her baby race down the drive into her fathers arms.
“Don’t worry Maggie she won’t be little forever.” Shaun consoled her.
Shrugging heavily Eve tore her gaze from the fleeting moment and waited for the tears that were bound to come. A few minutes later, a sullen Jasmine stomped through the kitchen door and slumped into a chair. “He forgot.” Clutching the kitchen sink Maggie said nothing. “How can he forget I’m thirteen.” Jasmine repeated.

“I’m sure he just ..”

“Just what, forgot that I existed. This is all your fault why couldn’t you have stayed with my dad.”

Running past Shaun tears flowing down her face she could hear her mother say.
“One day Jasmine, you will understand.”

Now twenty years later, the lessons of life learnt she watched her youngest child skipped down the a similar pathway.
Jasmine couldn’t speak as the awful words rolling around her tongue held no filter. It was as if her chest had been torn open, a scar deeper any wound she had ever had. Tearing her gaze away from the elaborate embrace she thought of her mother and finally she understood.

Life is what you make it!

© W O R D B E R R Y

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