In The Name of Justice.

Today we were a part of history!

Making the decision to take my youngest to a protest was not taken lightly. The peaceful protest in respect of George Floyd and others who have lost their lives to police brutality was something I wanted my son to see. As a mother of black boys it was essential to attend this protest. As I write this post my television displays the destruction taking place in America. Even though at a young age my youngest is yet to understand the importance of protest and what they mean but he will eventually know he was part of His – story.

Protesters marching through town

Standing on the outskirts I had to explain the reason, the cause and the message repeatedly but it was worth it. Walking in solidarity alongside other protesters we marched through town together. Being in that space with my son gave me a sense of pride. It is essential for children to understand who there are and the world around them.

I was surprised to see a diverse crowd of protesters! This was significant moment in human interaction regardless of race. The knowledge that this is not just about George Floyd, this is about standing for what is right and ensuring a better future for the next generation.

Although we may not personally be affected by the death of George Floyd internally we can emphasize with his family. There have been many deaths at the hands of police brutality and at some point we have to make a stand.

Peace and love


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