Jace sat in the driveway, her hand clutching the wheel. The wound on her arm still dripped on the upholstery and her head felt extremely light. Closing her eyes she lay her head on the steering wheel and tried to focus. Xena had already noticed the car coming up the drive, looking out of the window she spotted her daughter slumped on the steering wheel and ran outside. Taking open  the car door she gasped at the sight of blood splattered on the mats. “Jace what the fuck is wrong? Who done this?
Looking up at her mother Jace whimpered. “I did it! I did.”
“Come on let’s get you inside.”
Supporting her daughter inside Xena thought fast. “Is he dead?”
Jace shook her head and fainted. “Raplh we need a doctor in here, now!”
A few moment later Ralph stomped into the room his face falling as he spotted his niece on the floor.
“What the fuck happened.”
Gathering his niece in his muscular arms Ralph carried her to the sofa and laid her down gently. “She hasn’t said much but this doesnt look good Ralph.”
“Dont worry about it. I’ll get my boys on the case.”
“Whatever you do make sure he is dead. No one hurts my baby.”
Nodding faithfully Ralph headed to the door. “Sis he already dead.”
© W O R D B E R R Y

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