H O L D  M E  D O W N…….
Nessa shrugged, “Whose laughing.”

Bling Carter lowered his gaze and sighed. In his entire reign he had never employed a woman to do a mans job, but his choices were limited. The loyal ones had dispersed and the flakes had abandoned ship. Everything around him was crumbling except the pretty thing standing before him. There was something about her eyes that bore into his soul like she had seen him before and it made him nervous.

Since Ashely had taken her under her wing a tiny seed of curiosity grew everytime he was in her presence. In a million years he would never intend to cheat on Ashley, only  Nessa was an intention he could not resist.
Pulling up his pants he sat back on the desk and folded his hands across his lap.

“You really trying to do this now!”

Nessa smirked before turning on her heels towards the door.

“Where you going?”

Nessa contained her laughter before retracting her steps.

“You know I don’t play games Bling. Let’s stop pretending.”

“Thats not the point, if Ashley finds out about this she will kill me!”

“What Ashely don’t know wont kill her, besides you know and I know I only work for the best” Nessa purred. “Weasle desrves it, he took out your bonafide and tried to kill you and for what?”

Blings body tensed and Nessa knew she hit a nerve. Everything she had done was leading up to this moment.

Dropping the stack of notes on the table Bling relented. Even in his doubt, Killer had vouched for her reliability and Ashley stood by her loyalty.

“When you do this you got to disappear, Weasles guys will be coming for everybody.”

Taking the pile with ease Nessa smiled.

“No problem Man.”

Slipping her concealed weapon from her sleeve she aimed and fired. Slumping forward Bling bled out onto the oak pine floor. Shaking her head Nessa wiped the tiny speckled of blood splatter off her face and grinned wickedly.

“There was a lesson here Bling too bad you didn’t stay in school.”

Tucking the notes carefully into her bag Nessa stepped out of the office and halted at the sight of the devil.

“I can explain.” She mumbled as the laser beam danced accurately across her forehead.

“You don’t think I would figure it out, huh, all them times man was fucking you the whole time you had your own plans.”

Swallowing the bile in her throat Nessa thought careful before she spoke.

“Saint, I speared you for a reason.”

Shaking his head Saint took a step closer.

“You didn’t so shit for me.” His hand shook as he yelled angrily. ” I’m the last man standing that puts a target on my back and you know it too.”

“I told you to come with me.” Nessa replied. “Your loyalty to Bling could have had to killed a long time ago but I choose to save you. We can make it together you dont need this.”

Nessa smiled at the memory of their time together and sighed. The vow to never reveal her identity was about to be broken and the love they had may be lost forever.

Saint tutted “Mans from the hood what the fuck can I do on a farm. This right here is my life and you wont steal it from me.” Steadying his hand he closed his eyes.


The whisper of her brothers name brought gasp from Saints lips as his eyes sprung open and his face drained of blood. Clutching the shaking gun Saint tried to block out the thunderous heart beat in his cranium. Sinner was dead. Ten years ago he had lost his best friend, a man he would never forget. The mere mention of his name made his blood run cold. Scowling he maintained focus on the target.

“What did you say.” He spat

Her voice barely a whisper Nessa uttered a mantra he had buried deep in his chest.

“The Sinner can only be saved by the Saint.”

Saint shook his head. “Who told you that?” He scolded.

Nessa curled her lips slightly as she saw her brother standing beside Saint as if he was still alive.

“You did when I was seven years old saying goodbye to by brother.”

Saints arm fell, his stomach content whirling wildly as he stared at the woman he knew internally. They had shared a bed, he had explored her in ways a man could only explore a woman.

“Your lying! Someone told you that story and your trying to confuse me!” Saint replied.

“Saint, I never lied to you not even when I said I love you!”

“Fuck love this is about survival and I’m a survivor.”

© W O R D B E R R Y

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