The Silent Scream

As the haze lifted Lara had been instructed not to move. An hour ago, she had been sipping a warm tea now she was strapped to a chair. Her chest heaved as she panicked, struggling against the bonds she winced as the rope cut through her flesh. Jace remained unbothered by Laras moans of confusion as pulled the ropes tighter. .
“You dont have to do this.” Lara groaned. .
“I dont but I will.”
” Just let me go!”
” I asked my husband the same thing. Everytime he was with you I was alone I begged for him to let me go.”
“You can go now, please let me go.” Lara cried.
“Its too late! You shouldn’t have come here.” Jace hissed, angrily.
“I came to warn you! He is going to kill you.”
Jace chuckled deeply before rounding the chair. Standing before the woman she had tried to contour up in her head and her blood boiled.
“You don’t get it do you! He has to otherwise he will get nothing.”
Lara lowered her gaze as Jace glared at her menacingly. Biting her trembling lip she tasted the salty tears falling from her eyes.
Lifted her chin with her fingertip Jace smiled. .
“Congratulations your sugar daddy ain’t so sweet anymore. ” .
“I wasn’t in it for the money.” Lara argued. “He loved me and I loved him!”
Rolling her eyes Jace pulled the edge of the tape and grinned.
“Silence.” She whispered as she rubbed the duct tape across Lara’s lips. “I’m about to teach you a lesson about love and I want you to hear every single word………….
© W O R D B E R R Y

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