Reece had waited through the depths of the night without a glimpse of her in the distance. Shuddering from the morning breeze he pulled the sleeping bag tighter around his frame. Everyone else was asleep inside the warm tent. How could he sleep with her on his mind! Nobody believed he had seen a thing, but he knew she was real.
As the sun rose above the sea line he spotted movement in the distance. The passing dolphin flipped her fin and swam away. Dropping his cover he rose form his spot and kicked the sand beneath his feet.  Strolling towards the sand dune he looked back at the sea disappointed, maybe he didn’t see her after all.
“Are you waiting for me?”
She smiled shyly as he remained mute. Stunned he stared in  amazement, her hair a mass of spongy curls and her torso standing on two feet. “Do you speak?” .
“I thought you were a…” Reece replied, unable to complete his sentence. .
“A what?”
“A mermaid.” .
The words sounded so silly but the mermaid had been so real.
She chuckled lightly, “Don’t be silly mermaids dont exsist!”
Shrugging Reece kicked the dirt once more. “Guess they were right then, I am mad.”
“My family think I’m mad too, they never come to the beach.” She replied. .

“We come every summer.”
“I know.” She whispered. .
Reece forgot about time in her presence, the sound of his name drifting across the waves pulled him out of her trance. Walking through the short path of dunes he realised he didn’t even know her name. Retracing his steps he saw no sign of her.
From her perch in the sea she watched him walk away with her in his memories. .
© W O R D B E R R Y




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