T E A  A N Y O N E.

While compiling some research I stumbled upon the essays  of Stuart Hall, I was amazed at his intricate analysis of identity and ethnicity. Understanding the importance of  cultural identity and ethnicity and its connection to the individual make up of ones identity. Brings me to my point –  Lately there has been a surge in black media and literature and I guess that can be attributed to the growth in creative outlets. The black narrative has long since been ignored by british mainstream media and the absence of the authentic voice reduces the effectiveness of developement in these essential areas. In order to address the lack of diversity in books and provide books or media that displays this, we need more writers of colour. It is essential we tell our own stories in our own voices.
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One thought on “T E A  A N Y O N E.

  1. I grew up in reading mostly African literature because I was raised in Ghana, so I’ve never read much non African works until I turned 11. I think what we also need is more transparency between different forms of black literature in different countries. A lot of Africans, like Ghanaians, don’t know much about African American literature. Alot of African Americans don’t know about Ghanaian literature. Same goes for other groups in the diaspora. Thanks for posting this 😊

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