It had all be so sudden. No one could have forseen such turmoil and heartbreak but Karla felt relief. Remembering the day like it was yesterday, the broken moments continuiously played inside her head. Jack had been her first love, the one she shared her secrets with but things had changed. School had finished, University had started and they were on different paths.

Jack dropped out after a month expecting her to do the same, his puppy dog gaze gleaming at her through the face time app everytime she ended a call. At first she had put it down to the absent mind idle and free of routine but all to soon Jack started to get weird. There was the morning he turned up at her lecture. A day he arrived at the museum and infiltrated her group. These were just the small things. Even now he insisted on following her every move, she could feel him.

It had been three weeks since she had transferred to the new campus and she finally relaxed. Jack was gone and he was never coming back. Laying across her bed she picked up ‘The Help’ off the dresser and opened the first page.

Jack moved through the home as if he had been there before. For weeks he had watched and waited intending in his approach at the right time. For some reason he felt she was avoiding him. Kayla lay across her bed unaware danger lurked in the stairwell, her head engrossed inside the book .
Stopping short of her room Jack smiled, a smile that reached his soul and fluttered inside his stomach. “Kayla, I’m home.”
A tremor inside shifted Kayla from the bed, staring at the door she watched the handle slide down and the door spring open.
The scent of her passed through the opening door as he eased his way inside. “I missed you.”
Standing firm Kayla let her fear turn into courage. For months she had lived in an internal and external prison his presence suffocating as he looked at her with undying love. “You need to leave Jack.”
“That is just it, I can’t!”
Closing her eyes Kayla prayed silently for a sign but, the hands that gripped her arms tightly, the air he released irrating the hairs on her neck as he embraced her lovingly, chilled her entire body.
“Jack I’m in love with someone esle.” Releasing the truth she relaxed as his body tightened around her. “You are dead it’s time for me to move on.”
The room grew cold as he moved back a grimace distorting his lips. “What are you talking about?” He spat, the vision of him slowly disappearing. “Your dead. Your dead.” She repeated until the last piece of his spirt dispersed. “Goodbye Jack, forever.”
“It will never be goodbye.” Jack whispered in the breeze. “Ours is an undying love.” .
© W O R D B E R R Y

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