The summer had came and settled in preparation for the passing Autumn breeze. Yet, here they were still stuck in the heat of their love. Four whole weeks of discovery gathering pieces of each other and storing them inside memories. That time had come to an end and the reality of life lost in fairy tale adventures and stolen kisses had come to an end. Who had thought she would find a gem in the small coastal village.

The bench had grown warm beneath them as they huddled together beneath the shelter.

“Will I ever see you again?” He asked.
There was no easy way to say goodbye so she intended to do it fast. Shaking her head she wiped away the wisps of hair that clung to her face and gazed into his eyes. “I don’t think so!”
Clutching her hands in his he frowned. ” What about us.”

Shaking her hands free of his she lowered her gaze from his intensity. “I mean we had fun but….””

We can write, I can call, maybe I could even come for a visit.” He pleaded.
An image of her father crossed her mind and she shuddered. “I don’t think my father would approve but I could write I suppose.” She shrugged.
“Good.” He gushed. “I will write first thing.”

It was that simple, his way into her future. A letter arrived two days later with all intentions of love and a romantic reunion. Notting down a few words she returned her page with a second class stamp and forgot about her summer love only he hadn’t forgotten her. The snow fell from the sky and landed upon the earth leaving a white carpet behind. Footsteps led up to the doorstep his hand upon the bell. The summer that was only meant to last a season, the holiday love she had forgotten spilled into her winter turning white snow rosy red. .
. © W O R D B E R R Y

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