She had waited long enough, pulling her phone from her pocket she dailled once more. Cursing as the connection dropped she redailled with urgency.

“Kale.” Sighing as an automated service played in her ears she took a deep breath and waited for the beep.

“Kale, I tried to tell you in person. I owed you that much! But as usual I reside on the back burner and the streets come first. Well..I need you to know that I never meant to hurt you but after years of living in the shadows I had a moment of weakness I can explain. Dont be mad at Da…” her words fell into the silence as the automated service kicked in once more.

“To re-record your message press 1.”

It had been a long time since Kale had promised her his undecided attention but the more she waited the less magical his attention became. Between the folds of the streets and beneath the armpit of his non – biological blood brother she was a distant third. Holding onto the suitcase she surveyed the room she had tried to make a boudoir of love and pleasure with a pinch of regret.

Everybody had warned her about the bonded brothers and the failed relationships that had befallen Kale, that was no deterent. Six foot tall and the prefect shade of darkness she had dreamt of his chiselled body before its conquer. Dreams had been built in here, the heart of their home but just as Kale would never truly be hers the house wouldn’t either. A choice had to made and she knew Kale would never be strong enough to make it. That’s why she was making the hard desicion for him. Sliding the wheels along the wooden flooring her feet dragging as she descended upon the door. It was as easy as reaching out and pulling the handle but her body wouldn’t allow her.

“I made my choice!” She exclaimed to no one in particular.Streching out her hand, the cold metal in her palm she pulled down and closed her eyes as metal buckled beneath the power of mechanisms. The sunlight greeted her with a warm smile as she stepped onto the pavement and inhaled deeply. Distracted by her thoughts of freedom, revelling in her truth she bore no witness to the death that held her within it’s sights.

A rhythm racing through her body with every step further away from her proverbial prison she felt her chains breaking. Pausing for thought at the florist on the corner she wondered if the flowers could feel the eurphoria pulsing through her veins as she fingered the gentle petals.

“Going somewhere.”

Rising from her crouching position she stood rigid gazing down at the flowers withering in the presence of death.

“Are you following me?”

“Do I need to?” Daze whispered.

“I’m grown.”

“Your also carrying precious cargo that could belong to me so I see no issue in ensuring your doing right by my baby.”

A churning in a stomach drove the nausea to the back of her throat as her disgust consumed her.

“I’m sure my brother would be interested to know his wifey is nothing but a careless gyal “

Facing him with venom mustered from her hate she choked upon her words as Kale strolled across the road towards their confrontation. Stepping into his arms she inhale his cologne as he hugex her softly, kissing her lovingly he stepped back and observed the suitcase with confusion.

Pointing the object of confusion he quizzed “Whats going on here? You leaving me?”

Daze chuckled ” Same thing I said brudda.”

Gripping Kales’ hand with her free one Karla squeezed it lightly. “I’m not going anywhere babe trust me, the devil is a liar. “

“Seen babe I thought something happened.”

“Something did but we can talk about it later.”

“Well… since everything is all good I will get with you later. Me and Daze got business to deal with.”

Sighing heavily she watched as they skipped across the road in unison her mind heavy with the truth. Erasing the voicemail had been an instant reaction to her admittance of guilt but she wasn’t guilty of no crime. Staring at the car as it drove by she grimaced as Dale winked her way his sickly sweet smile a poisonous bite to a fragile victim.

There was no more running even if it killed her Kale needed to know the truth.

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