It had been a while since he had expressed any interest in human life. Sharp tongues and massive dissapointments had crushed his enternal spirt. Only standing before a memory he was intrigued.

Wild red eyes stared back at him as he ventured nearer with caution. A drum began to play inside his head and his skin danced with apprehension.

There was something about the face before him; The unkempt hair and the wry smile seemed comforting but still he could not give him no name. A few feet away, he tried hard to remember the contours of the face hidden beneath dirt.

It was someone he knew of course, it had to be! Smiling with invite as he neared, reaching out his fingertips he reached out his own to touch the wild being recoiling as his fingers touched the cool glass.
© W O R D B E R R Y




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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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