Her eyes spoke of internal pain the rain dripping down her face as she wept in vain. Although her blood cooled slightly her distress would not be in vain. One to many times she had been so forgiving, totally disregarding the consequences of her weakness. Now she wanted nothing more than vindication only blood could bring.
The laughter dancing inside ears tormenting her in the dark alleyway. Stepping out from beneath the shadows her silhouette kissed by the light a passer by could see her beauty. The very thing covered in the darkness that had engulfed her soul letting everything loving whiter and die.
In this moment anything was possible!

Reckless abandonment brought her here. Outside the bar that housed their reception, his wedding. She had rebuked at the thought his pimple face maturing into a man while her smooth skin rippled with wrinkles.
The day he confessed his love for another she swore she heard the sound of her heart breaking, ripping through her chest and exposing the emptiness inside.

Music filtered out of the open door, her breath clutched inside her lungs as they stepped out of the pub hand in hand. Treasure giggled gayley but to her it sounded like the scrapping of a chalkbroad. Soaking in the rays of his love, the recipient of his attention Teasure basked in his glow. Closing her eyes as their lips almost touched a shard of her shattered heart.

Holding onto the last piece of her sanity she waited for a complete glimpse of the woman who had achieved the impossible. As her body turned and her face came to view something strange happened. Face to face as they near Treasure had a darkness in her eyes as sight she had seen before he tore her heart out.

There was no recollecting of the moment her sparkle died an instantly she knew Teasure would find out sooner or later.Suddenly her pain seem insignificant as she understood she too would meet the same fate.
” Congratulations.” She offered to the newly weds.


The look on his face was priceless as hey past hand in hand. Turning back to the darkness she smiled sweetly the taste of karma resting upon her lips. .

© W O R D B E R R Y

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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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