Ray Lake had never be alone; totally alone. These past few weeks dead silence had been his fear, music blared from the speakers as he attempted to block out the bad memories and cling onto the good ones. Emptying the laundry bag onto the bed he shifted through the clean items folding as he went alone. Before too long two small piles had risen. Folding the last shirt into four he placed it gently upon the teethering pile, a month ago he had been a husband to Naz Lake, today he was a widow. Picking up the pile of school shirts his stepped over the mat that covered the blood stain and moved down the hallway. Klaire, his only child had chosen to stay with her maternal grandmother but grief would claim him like it had her. Opening the dusty wardrobe he placed the compressed pile into the drawer and slammed it shut...
“This doesn’t make it better you know, folding some clothes and finally getting off your arse!“.Closing the wardrobe doors he hurried to the door, shut it tightly behind him and let his heartbeat regulate..“Still a wimp, no balls to face me. Well doors don’t contain me anymore.” She chuckled. “I can go anywhere I please. Wouldnt you love that Ray? True freedom!” She gushed..Counting slowly from one to ten he ignored the vioce inside his head and past the crime scene nervously. The police had ruled her death as an unfortunate accident, a tragedy even; but Ray had called it a blessing in private and ever since her presence haunted his soul relentlessly. Posing at the top of the stairs her beauty she captured a deeper piece if him even in death. Only the image of beauty distorted as her inner demon exposed its teeth and breathed its fire. Wild and free she floated with ease, her smile eerily broad as she pointed her long finger accusingly..“You killed me!”.”It was an accident!”.Turning her ghostly presence she drifted closer.“This gape on my head says otherwise.” Spinning she let her skirt caress his as he shuddered violently..”I said I would do fix the light”.“Like everything esle you promised and never forfilled.” She laughed.“You were joke then and your still a joke now Ray. You know and I know that I would not have waited for you to fix thay light, just admit it!” She screeched..”Leave me alone.”“You will never be free of me, we will be together forever.”.”Your a figament of my imagination.” He retorted trying hard to convince himself. ” Your a corpse!”He spat..“Only out there but in here I’m alive.” She sniggered as she drove her hand through his cranium..Screaming out in pain Ray fell to his knees”Go away, your dead.” He repeated more forcefully with each one..“Not until you come with me.” She whispered as she pushed him off the step...Tumbling down the stairs Ray saw his whole life flash before him. There she was young and unhappy with everything in life. There he was big spirt and a loud infectious laughter. Ten years past before a glimpse of the misery and pain. Then it came to him like sun bursting through the pouring rain, the day she fell from the ladder. The screws he removed from the steps, the joy he felt when she was dead. Suddenly he took a deep breath, the world went black and he swore he was dead..Dusting off his clothes he glare back at the top of the stairs angrily her smile streching from ear to ear as she stared back happily..Opening her arms she gushed “Welcome Dear!”.Looking down at his lifeless body Ray whimpered but no tear fell. Slowly his eyes left his body and his mind found a renew strength.” Stay right there while I killed you again.” He roared..“Come and get me!” Naz giggled…..© W O R D B E R R Y

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They tried to kill my vibe; I died, but I survived....

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