WHEN KISSES AINT ENOUGH: Samuels’ face said it all! The shifty glance, the snarl forming across his lips as I laid my discoveries on the table. There was no turning back, the locks had been broken and a bird had been released.
Pushing the paperwork away with the tip of his fingertips he scoffed. “This means nothing!” He snorted.
I smiled aware that this would not be enough to peel the skin from the onion or draw blood from the stone. “Carla.” I called without a tremble.
The corners of his lips fell to the ground his shifty gaze stuck to the floor. “What does this mean Samuel?” I asked pleasantly brandishing his indiscretion like a loaded weapon.
I waited a moment for his excuse, his valid reasons or even an apology but I knew it would never be enough. “Twenty years of marriage and you throw it all away for a woman younger than your marriage license.” I chuckled instead of crying.
“She meant nothing.”
Suddenly I felt elated, a breeze upon my face as my proverbial wings. He rose heavily his shoulders slumber and his eyes low. “She was a mistake.” He reasoned. “Samuel.” Carla whined her innocent feeling crushed.
Placing my hands upon his shoulders I pulled him close, relaxing his clasped my waist with urgency. “Samuel.” I whispered. ” You are the mistake!”
© W O R D B E R R Y

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Word Berry

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