Diamond Falcon was a woman of power, a lady with connections to the biggest shakers in the city but nothing could satisfy her insatiable desire. Sat with her legs folded and her bosom exposed she waited patiently for his arrival. Business had come to an end, her husband had absconded and the cat was already in play.

Strikingly astounding was her beauty, a bowl of sweetness stirred with the Asian sea and blended with the african sunset. Her slanted eyes were carried by high cheek bones and her lips the image of cupids’ own. Shoveled into a messy bun, wisps of hair escaped the confines of her bun and framed her face so effortlessly.

Lost was any fear of interpretation or the abandonment she endured at the hands of the men she had willingly let into her garden. Tonight, she would be in control without question. The room had been dressed with precision and care, a domestic den at first glance but a sexual kingdom with deeper inspection. Larissa had certified discretion and an elite catalogue of choice while she desired persistent and consistent orgasms.

A click followed by a lenghtly creak drew her attention to the Adonis approaching her nakedness with an air of confidence she admired.

“I ..”

“No words.” She interjected the folds of flesh between her thighs moisten with lust.

Standing she crossex the floor as if floating, her feet making no sound as she walked twenty feet towards the King size bed. Fabian admired her from a distance his job only to please but her scent lingered behind like the taste of the sweetest honey.

“Stop.” He ordered without force but fear of explosion.

Obeying with urgency she stood still her body glowing in the dim glow in the candle light. The contour of her waist inside the small black dress had appeased his desire but the rufflled bottom and exsposed buttocks had stilled his heart. Rising, he stood six foot tall and seven inches wide. Following her path he meet her back with his width and groan heavily.

“Didn’t I tell you not to speak.” She uttered softly. “There are penalties for pleasure Charlie.” She purred.

“My name…”

“Your name doesnt matter right now Chuck.” She spat.

Gripping her waist he spun her with ease.” I shall not repent, instead you shall flog me without mercy.”

Grazing her lips across his she let her hand fall below his waist to tease the rod the prodded her so eagerly. Leaning back in his embrace her face exposed in the light he gasped.

“Diamond Falcon.”

The words fell from his lips so carelessly her body rigid in his arms.

“If you breathe a word of this to anyone and I mean anyone! You will be burying your entire family do you understand.”

Looking into her pale brown eyes he nodded obiently and carried her to the bed. Gently laying her down he teased the zip of her skirt down before yanking off her skirt so fast she gasped.

“My what other surprises do you have on store.” She giggled excitedly.

“Let me please you.” He said with conviction she believed.

Releasing her inhibitions she let her guard down. Standing behind the double sided mirror Larissa grinned, Fabian was irresitable reaching out she traced his body upon the glass before leaving her spectator alone.

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