JADE: She had failed. The purple stain beneath her eye, the ten matching dots around her neck was proof she had failed. It had all happen so fast, her gun in Wesley chest, his fist in her face and the sound of gunshots ripping through the industrial estate he owned. Trembling beneath the shelter of a table she waited for the silence to swallow the ricohieting bullets. Wesleys’ lifeless hand hung from the table his life source dripping from his palm into a puddle before her as she held her breath.
A sharp snap, a loud clank and the silence grew thick, the inside of her mouth drying then the desert as she listening for any signs if movement. Uncertainty stabbed at her chest as she crawled out from beneath her wooden protector standing with caution. “Hands up.” A gruff voice ordered.
“Shit.” She cursed.
As instructed she raised her hands above her head and prayed to a God she had never served. “Now turn, slowly!”
One foot in front of the other she manouvered with her eyes shut tight to scared to stare death in the face. “Just kill me” she spluttered without conviction.
“Now, now darling why would he do that.”
Every muscle in her body relaxed, her eyes fluttering open as she clasped eyes upon her mother. “Get yourself together! We need to be home for dinner otherwise your father will start asking questions.” Shaking her head in disappointment her mother frowned deeply. “Darling you must stop playing with your target’s. It’s bad for business and it’s messy.” She said with a wave.

. © W O R D B E R R Y



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