Her heart shuddered and her breath stilled in the moment. Only a few feet away her eyes rested upon the once desired and beloved flesh. A body she had craved, admired and conquered in love and war she stills bore the scars of their battle.

There he stood in the mist of the crowd oblivious to her presence, lost in fruitless conversation. Charming his way through guest without a care in the world she watched as a gentle graze of the hand tickled a fair maiden as he greeted her enamoured blush with strong gaze and soothed her with his attentive nature.

Staitionary, abandoning reality, here she stood staring the past in the face unable to breathe. Her eyes met his and in an instant four long years since; since they had laid eyes on each other dissappeared in a blink of an eye. Every memory she had tried to erase rewritten in her mind; The kiss settling upon her lips as if he just lay then upon her; The heartache she felt when she walked away; The pain that exploded in her chest each time he lied; All inscribed again.

The ground sway beneath her as she caught her breath closing her eyes with a silent pray she wondered if he was only a figment of her imagination or a beautiful mirage deadly upon encounter.

© W O R D B E R R Y
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