I often consoled myself in the dim glow of the street lights with fictional tales spawn from the imagination of a pubescent teen. I often wondered what it would like to be anybody; anybody but me.

Then came a growth I could have never foreseen a road of bumps and curves that wounded me. Leading to a light that never dimmed, I kept walking on a whim. In the distance I saw a future, a vision set in stone for me but not everything in plain sight was as it seemed.

I could have given up all hope, many times unable to cope. I could have thrown in the towel but God knew what tests he was giving me, he knew what I could handle. Throughout the hardest of times I found a strength I could not ignore. I found a power that lifted me from the floor.

Although the race is far from over and the road is never clear, I am still standing, I am still here.

Giving thanks to the higher power that guided me through and for the foes that formed weapons God lives you. Though you may not understand or care I am blessed because in my heart Jah lives here.

I could write my story and tell you a tale but each man on his own ship he sails. My pain will not be your pain just as my name is not your name. We may face similarities but we will never be the same.

So you may not have walked my path as I have not yours, I judge you not on your flaws. I drifted through life on a hope and prayer; but I’m still standing Im still here.


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