There was something about the morning sunrise that felt freeing. Although she had no experience of servitude Desire felt as if she had been held in captivity for her entire fifteen years of living. Wednesday morning was just like every other morning as she stuck rigid to routine and crept out of the back door, past the hog pen and out onto the dusty red lane. It was still dark outside but if she squinted hard enough she could just about see a ripple of the sea to her left and to her right the road that lead to the rest of the country she had been born in but never travelled. Grains of red dirt lathered her leather shoes covering them in a smooth red coat of dust that she would defiantly have to remove before school but this was worth the extra task. Halting just before the road turned to sand she removed her shoes and tied the two laces together, her toes wriggled in the sand as she stepped out the golden carpet hanging her shoes round her neck she strolled down the beach past the fish shack and up the small sand dune before resting on top. Within minutes the dark shade of night dissolved into and array of colours she could not name, as night turned to day her lips curled exposing her teeth to the the beauty of God. A mom All too soon nature had begun its morning song, animals stirred in their pens and not so far in the distance she heard a cockerel crow. Hurriedly she rose with one last look at the sun and a wish she only uttered to the moonlight. “One day.” She said with hope .”I will leave this land and explore the finer things in life.” .
……. .© W O R D B E R R Y

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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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