I had drifted across sands and sea, yet I had never envision such beauty as she. Standing in the eye of the sun , covered in natures gold she stole a part of my soul. Even though she didn’t know it or me there was some force pulling me closer. Never I imagined that love would find me on home ground after covering each ends of the earth but suddwnly there she was in the mist of the people who had discouraged my dreams and shattered my wishes.

There had never been anywhere far enough from dissapproving eyes and salty opinions yet back in the fold of the judge and jury something strange was happening. The air cooled as the crowd moved around her aura never disturbing the bulb magicalliy encasing her beauty she looked my way and the earth tremble.

Nudgung me forcefully my youngest sister frown deeply. “Are you ok you look as if you have seen a ghost.” She asked with grave concern.

Slapping her palm upon my brow as if she had a thermometer hand she sighed with relief.

To enamoured to speak I stumbled over my words “I..I.”

Unable to catch my breath speech had evaded my conciousness and love had swallowed my words.

“Let me get you some water.” Kizzy offered her warmth leaving my side, leaving me naked to discovery.

My eyes must have bore through her skin as she glanced my way so fleeting before returning to her conversation less disturbed by my presence than I hers. The thunder in my chest throbbed painfully as Kizzy shoved a glass of water in my hand with the order to ‘drink’. Gulping the clear liquid I hoped to ease the unusual magnet charge pulling my gaze to the wonderful Miss Samson and her quirky attire but I was too late.

A foot away she smiled sweetly letting her hand fall before me so gracefully I gratefully accepted.

“Tara, right.”

© W O R D B E R R Y




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Word Berry

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