It had been four summers and four birthdays since Desire had hatched her fairytale life out of the rumbles of red rock and everything had gone into high drive. The old beach hotel had been taken over by the Edgar family, a well to do white family from the cold streets of England. John Edgar was a heavy set man with a full white beard fattened with the finest meats. Bestie Edgar had married well although she too came from wealth she had been born on the island and was more accustmed to the ways of the people. Bestir had insisting on rerurning to her home lnd and erting her english children get feel for the island before the natives had ruined what was left of its beauty. Thier first born Jane had reserved herself to learning how to become a good wife and proper lady but John Edgar junior had taken to the land like a fish to water. Nothing had prepared him for the brown girl with copper colur hair and nine freckled placed spaciously across her nose. The breath she had stolen from him had never returned.

Once the hotel had be restored tourist trickled through the small comunity slowly increasing each year. At the edge of the land and beautiful view of the islands end The Edgar Family settled easily. The first whiff of Desire in the morning heat had tickled her pink and began a campaign of hatred so raw the compositions of buildings were affected. Desire had no qualms being the object of Besties Edgars disgust, she was going to marry John Edgar the second even if it killed her. It was such morning she walked the half a mile path to the Edgars verenda her news swirling inside her tummy. Bestie Edgar true to form turned her nose up to the air and tutted at the sight of Desire strolled up her path.

“Why must John insist on playing with the natives.” She remarked spitefully.

“Mama.” Jane interjected “Desire is like family.”

Bestie Edgar coughed hard. “Jane you and your brother are wildly accepting I mean, honestly are the animals are family too.” She chuckled.

Drumming up the courage Jane thought carefully anout her question before she asked her mother bravely.

“Mama why do you hate her so?” Jane asked thoughtfully.

“John deserves a Lady not a maid.”

“Mama Desire is not a Maid, she went to university an studied hard.”

“I bet some foolish man paid for her education.”

“Mama I can never understand whh you would come back home to isolation. People like Desire have hopes for a better a future.”

Bestie clasped her chest in shock.” I am not isolated. Desire is only after money and your brothers has falling head first for a demon.”

“Mama Desire loves John, he loves her isnt that all that matters.”

“Life is no fairytale Jane. Desire is a black woman incase you forgot.”

Jane pursed her lips and kept her next thought to herself. After all she would have never known if she hadn’t been snooping. If her mother was oblivious to the facts she would play along respectfully.

“Jane, what do you think of the island?.”

“I think its beautiful mama, magestic even. ”

Bestie laughed for the first time in weeks. ” I use to watch the water for boats, there was something about the sea.”

“I thought you grew up in the town.”

“I did.” Bestie replied quickly. ” but we use to come here often when we were children.”


“Oh Jane, tnose days are long gone.” Bestie deflective.

Clearing her throat softly Desire announced her presence.

“Good afternoon Mrs Edgar is John available?”

“Not for the likes of you.” Mrs Edgar snapped.

“Mother apologise to Desire.” John snapped, his brows burrowed together as he frowned deeply.

Keeping her eyes firmly on the prize she stared at Desire, a sharp line where her lips should have been.

“I shall do no such thing!” She retorted. “This ‘gyal’ should know her place. I’ve put up with your little hobby for long enough its time you found a proper wife and stopped playing with the help.”she finished with a touch of venom.

Janes eyes darted from her mother to her brother awaiting his response. Passing his mother John Edgar junior took a stand beside his woman and faced his mother head on.

Smiling warmly he clasped her trembling hand and squeezed “Desire and I are to be married.” He revealed proudly.

Bestie stood abruptly “Over my dead body she screeched. “This has gone far enough.”

“So be it.”he replied. “Desire is with child and I love her.”

“It must be the sun.” Bestie whined. “No there is more to this!” Shaking her head she stepped towards Desire her hands raised. “You, you put voodo on my son. Yuh cast spell pon him.” Clasping her mouth before more of her mother tongue spilled out uncontrollably she backed up into the door frame.

Closing her eyes she inhaled and exhaled rapidly, Desire was everything she despised; her fake air and graces, her humble beginnings , her honey brown skin it was all the empitome of suffering. Tears rolled from her eyes as she shook angrily. Rising to comfort her mother Jane tried to calm her queitly.

“Desire is pregnant there is nothinh you can do about it, as soon as we are married we shall leave for England.”

Besties face changed color raidly as she processed her living nightmare. “Your father will not agree with this.”

“He has my blessing.” John Edgar Senoir annouced behind her.

Smiling sweetly Desire stepped forward. ” Should I call you Mother?” She asked innocently.

Falling freely Bestie landed in her husbands arms unconsciously the screams only existing her head.

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