They had been presumed dead, left in the wilderness with no identification or a living soul but Lacey and Macey were far from dead.

A prestigious editorial spread Elegance covered only the finest and richest events, with the chriatmas gala approaching and the life of the stars plastered all of the cover Lacey had snagged the November Edition against her sisters dissapproval. Scanning through the pages she admired the items of wealth and the botox smiles with a slight tinge of jealously.

“I have no idea why you torture yourself with that magazine each month.” Macey tutted.

“Look at her.” Holding up the magazine Lacey squinted like she always did when she was thinking hard. “I could make this no problem all I need is the material.”

“Lets just stick to the basics, Fay will not be funding anymore projects remember.”

“We can use the money we saved, proms coming up and we cant wear any old thing!” Lacey sighed.

Flipping over the page once more Lacey gasped.


“Its t-t-them.” Lacey stuttered.

Dropping the rake Macey crossed the barn and examined the magizine closely.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

There in living colour was the face of their abductors grinning from ear to ear. A whole three page spread dedicated to the up and coming vow renewals of the wealthy Bella and Noxx Trueman made for good reading as they huddled together and read the article twice.

“Lacey your going make us those outfits, we have a vow renewal to attend.”

Lacey tried to smile but she couldn’t the idea of coming face to face with Bella and Noxx terrified her. It had been fifteen years since they had left them for dead but Lacey would never forget the day they had been ripped from everything they had known.

A month had flown by so fast, stabding before the double doors they paused thoughtfully.

“The whole world is in there!”

“Dont exgarette Lacey, besides everyone will know who we are, I’ll be famous and you’ll make these outfits.”

Laceys teeth rattled as her nerves trembled through her whole body. Standing a few feet from the family they had almost forgotten they had to be prepared to battle for their life if necessary.

“Wait we will interrupt the service.” Lacey snapped.

“That’s the point.” Macey snapped

Pushing her twin sister out of the way Macey pushed opened the double doors and let the chips fall where they may. Striding down the aisle they ignore the gasps echoed around the room. Whispers of infidelity filtered through the congreation as they strolled through unapproachable and flawlessly perfect. Noxx clutched his chest as if ghosts had appeared before him, moving backwards he watched his wife fall to the floor her body laying in a heap at Luckys feet.

Lacey bit her lips hard careful not to show any emotion, her memories of her father was not the vison of the man she saw before her. A big and sturdy man Lucky looked extremely small as tears rolled from his eyes, down his cheeks reviving Bella to her living nightmare. Shaking his head Noxx retreated to the podium backing the pastor into a corner.
“Your dead.” Noxx muttered in disbelief.
“Clearly not.” Lacey replied sharply. “This isn’t possible.” Bella sobbed.
“Anythings possible Aunty Bella.” Lacey snarled.
“Security.” Noxx screeched above the rising pandemonium. “These imposters are not invited.”
Lucky stepped forward a few feet from his stolen heart beats and stared intently at each one. “Don’t touch them.” He ordered as the entorauge of security shifted through the crowd. “Lucky you don’t know these girls they could be imposters just like the others.” Bella screeched.
Pointing to his left he smiled.”Lacey.” Then to his left. “Macey.” Nodding respectfully they fell into his embrace as the church vibrated. “Who took you from me” Lucky whispered. “Bella.” Lacey replied with a grin.
Slipping his hand into his breast pocket Lucky Stevens pulled his gun out of the holder and turned to aim….

Bella trembled as she stared down the barrel of Luckys gun unsure if she would live to see tommorrow. Lucky was a sharp shootwr, a man who never missed and a man who never forgot. After their mother had died their was only one way to prevent Lucky becoming the sole heir. Neeqah was disposable a thorn in her brothers neck that needed trimming and she had only done what he wished he could do. The intent was manslaughter but the case graduated to premeditated murder. How was she to know he would do hard time? How was she to know that the twins would be witnesses to the murder of their mother?
But she had saved them f

rom death and knew they were about to watch her die with matching smiles on their lips. “You can’t shoot me Lucky, I’m your sister!”
“Fuck that, what happened to Neeqah?” Lucky spat.
“I didn’t do anything I swear.”
Looking back at his identical daughters he waited for a look of confirmation. Nodding easily Macey snarled.
Turning to his sister Lucky smiled, unclicking the saftey latch he re-aimed his gun perfectly.
Claudette approached her husband cautiously, a small woman weighing less then 80 kilos Claudette commanded respect as people shifted in her ascent to the altar. Placing her hand over the weapon she lowered his hand slowly. “Lucky this aint the time or place.” removing the gun from his grasp Claudette sighed heavily.”Lets go home we can deal with this later, I promise.”
Staring into his wife’s watery eyes Lucky nodded.
“Ladies follow me.” Claudette ordered. Sharing a look of confusion the twins followed behind obediently.
The congregation held their breath as the newly formed family exited the church with their entourage in tow before the uproar made the church walls rumble. .

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