The success of dinner had eased the nagging sense of dread everytime he thought of Lilly , yet he still could not comprehend the fact that she had hiddwn his child from him for so long. Milly had been with child on their wedding day and event that would never had happened if Lilly had annouced her own. Even now he could remember his mothers disgust at his poor taste in women.
“Those people have no class Jasper, they inherited that property from The Rulers. They are of no blue blood. I will not condone this at all.” She said.
He could remember it like yesterday, the way Lilly had shrunk in size, tears falling from her face as she stood in the doorway while he said nothing.
That was the last time he laid eyes on her and last time he revealed in his wealth.
“Seriously Jasper.” Milly snapped, interupting his thoughts. ” You are so dostracted lately.”
Pulling her upon his lap he kissed her cheeks until she giggled. “Now thats more like it.” She sighed. “Jasper I was wondering if we should invite Jazz over to keep Milly company she is so lonely since the move here and school doesn’t start for another three weeks.” She tutted. ” Why she has to go to public school I have to idea.”
“We can’t just choose her friends for her and the idea of my children growing up pompous and self entitled is not pleasing. How will they know what is expected of them if its already done for them.”
Milly frowned. ” if i didn’t know better I think you were a poor man.”
Jasper laughed as she and rose from his lap. “Seriously Jasper, Jazz seems like a nice girl, we’re in the middle of nowhere for christsake.”
Jasper winced at her whining tone. “Ok Milly as you please but if it all goes sour you only have yourself to blame.”
Milly clapped gleefully rushing to tell her daughter the news. Looking out the huge bay window he could see the house in the distance, below he spotted a head of hair running across the field and his chest tightened. Life could have been so different. .
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