It had been weeks since he had seen Lily but tonight he might have to face the inevitable. Milly had decided that a social gathering of the neighbours was the best way to introduce themselves back into his old neighbourhood reguardless if he knew half the block, she did not.
The table had been set and the food laid out in a beautiful array of silver trays ranging in sizes. Milly had gone to great lenghts to impress the families of the nieghbouring houses and here he was suited and booted with a smile to greet his guest, yet inside he was tormented. After all these years the sight of Lilly had evoked childhood memories, ignited a flame that hadn’t died and he felt the burn deep in his chest. “Jasper.” Waving frantically Milly shook her head. ” I do apologise my husband is not usually away with the fairies. What did you say your name was again?”
“Frank Jones.” Jasper offered
Frank smile broadly a low rumbling laugh shaking his beer gut protuding before him before extending a hand. “One and only.”
“Welcome to my home.”
Bella guided Frank to his seat while the hosts remained in position. Looking over the head of the fifth guest he sighed deeply.
Grabbing her husbands hand Milly pulled him close. “Not to long now, first we christen this house with good company and the finest food then, we can christen the bedroom.” .
Nodding he smiled warmly before returning his gaze to the door but the door was no longer in his vision standing before him in a ruby red gown and her hair flowing down her back he could have swore Lilly’s eyes twinkled.
“Hunny this is Lilly she lives right next door.”
His palms sweated and his heart pounded
Stepping forward Lilly shook his limp hand and said “Nice to meet you Jasper, this is my daughter Jazz!”
There she was again the vision of his nightmare, a being he had created without his knowledge.
Turning on his heels he called for Bella. “Time to eat.”
“So sorry, I do not know what has gotten into my husband lately. It must be the move.”
© W O R D B E R R Y

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