The house stood behind the shrubbery completely shaded from the world, but she knew it was there. The tall pillars and large verenda had decayed over the years and strips of paint had begun peeling on her last visit. Strolling down the beaten path her palm grazed the blades of grass leaving them dancing behind her. It had been a long time since she had walked this way and she intended to drink every bit of the scenery for future thirst.
Her heart lived her on this land and even though Jasper had long gone only his memories exsisted in the fields; their first kiss, there first fumble and the day she would never forget. Moving through the shubberry she stepped into a time warp. Gone was the peeling paint and the vision of decay. Bees buzzed from flower to flower and birds chirpped lively. The grass had been mowed and men moved furniture from a loaded van.
Her heart sunk at the thought of her memories being replaced by others. Little did she know that the truth would free her from the heavy burderns of the past.
Jasper junior spotted the lady before she saw him, strolling towards her his hand outstreched from a handshake he greeted her warmly. “Hello, can I help you?” Taking his hand she shook her head. “Sorry I grew up here, I was just taking a walk down…..” “Memory Lane.” Jasper Senior interjected ” Madeline Rose, how good it is to see you.” There he was dark and handsome with a speckle of grey in his crown.
“Junior go and help your mother with the furniture.” Never taking his eyes off her he stepped forward confidently. ” It’s been a long time!” There were words she wanted to say but she couldn’t remember them under his glare. A rustling sound drew there attention as a young girl burst through the shrubbery her hair wild and unkempt.. “Mum why do we always have……” stopping mid sentence Jazz stared at the stranger beside her mother. “Dad.” Jazz squealed
Jasper looked down and frowned. “You must be mistaken!” He responded mortified.
To be continued.
© W O R D B E R R Y

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