Clyde dropped her bag on the floor and ruffled her hair, a twelve hour shift had sunken her feet so far into the ground she was walking like a penguin. Pulling open her wardrobe she removed her grey fluffy bath robe with the hood and proceeded to the bathroom in need of water. The water swallowed her like the whale did Jonah, the days work rinsed from her skin she covered her nakeness and padded acroos the floor to her disguarded bag. Scrambling through the contents she pushed aside the old letters and spotting her phone at the bottom.

Scanning thrpugh the message she read Bonnies message twice.

“She is not serious!” She remarked in the empty room.

Pressing call she crossed her legs and listened to the persistant ring tone.

“Hello, you need to get here now!”

Six months she had been exclusively dating Shaun and suddenly Bonnie turns up out of the blue to rock her whole world. College was a far cry from the real world and bills but Bonie brought her back to a time she hadn’t forgotten. Shaun was on the verge of propsing and she was on the verge of slipping benwath the sheets with an ex he had no idea about. Sbaun Hunter wasn’t no ordinary man, he had reputation to upkeep and she had to live up to his requirements if she wanted to becone Mrs Hunter. But here was Bonnie with her carefree attitude and insatiable desire -Fuck you Bonnie.


Bonnie pressed the buzzer and waited for the click, pushing open the door she stepped into the building foyer and pressed the lift button. Inside the lift she tapped her foot impatiently counting down the floors until the lift shuttled to a stop. The doors open and Clyde stood akimbo with a scowl on her face.

“Now that is a welcome!” Bonnie laughed.

“What the fuck you playing at?” Clyde hissed.

Stepping out into the hallway Bonnie smile. “Hey beautiful.”

“Don’t beautiful me Bonnie, I told you I’m not interested in your little scheme.” Clyde snapped. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

Bonnie winced. ” Look can we go inside.”

Crossing her arms defiantly Clyde stood stationery, reaching out Bonnie gripped her wrist and pulled her close feeling the warmth of her breath upon her skin. Leaning close she let her lips graze her neck feeling her weakening Bonnie smiled.

“Lets go inside.”

“After you” Clyde snapped before looking down the hallway left and right.

Entering the apartment she stepped through the scent of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and slammed the door shut.

“You are crazy, do you even know what your doing with your life.”

Bonnie lifted the corner of the throw on the sofa before releasing it absently.

“You see Clyde the difference between me and you is thay I live in my truth.” Bonnie replied slowly. ” Dezzy excepts me for who I am but will the Pastor except his First Lady and all her desires.”

“Your a devil do you know that Bonjie. Everytime I get mh life together her you cone to fhck it up.”

Bonnies smile and Clyde resosted the urge to harm her.

“I dont make choices for you Clyde, I give you options.”

“Options that please you and leave me on the sidelines like unwantdd trash. No thanks. I found a man that loves me and I wont allow you and your latest conquest to fuck it up.”

Bonnie shook her head and unzipped her long black jacket. ” We were meant to be together Clyde. You know and I know it.”

Clyde lowered her gaze her flushed cheeks already exposing her bashfulness.

” I’m getting married.”

“I’m married.”

Crossing the distance between them in a breath and a heart beat Bonnie stood before her, breathless she tried to breathe.

“Tell me to leave and I will leave.”

Clyde opened her mouth but the sound of metal twisting and keys jangling turned the room black.



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